Interested in finding out how Sonoma County schools measure up with others in the state? There’s an app for that.

The California Department of Education recently released CA Schools, a free mobile app compatible with iOs and Android systems. The tool combines geographical mapping software with achievement metrics from the California School Dashboard released in March.

Now you can drive around different neighborhoods and using your current location determine how nearby schools performed on state standardized tests. You can also simply search for schools by city, county, school district and zip code.

The application offers families another way to access Common Core test data, available through the California School Dashboard. Visitors can see how each school and district performed on standardized tests in English and math; the progress English-language learners are making toward proficiency; suspension rates; and graduation rates.

According to State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, the tool can also provide prospective home buyers insight into how schools are performing in a neighborhood of interest.

Pulling data from the California Department of Education’s California School Directory, the new app provides demographic information as well as school test scores.

The CA Schools app is available for download through iTunes or Google Play.