Clean up from Monday morning’s overturned big rig and gasoline spill in San Rafael near the Richmond Bridge was expected to last through Monday night into Tuesday morning, extending extensive traffic woes in the area due to the crash, according to California Highway Patrol.

The 7 a.m. wreck occurred on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and completely blocked the major route in both directions all Monday. Clean up work, including removal of the truck, and road repair were expected to continue into Tuesday morning, the CHP said, likely snarling traffic Tuesday for commuters

As much as 1,700 gallons of fuel spilled, Marin County CHP Officer Andrew Barclay said in a release.

Fearing the fuel could spark, officers cleared 10 homes in nearby San Quentin Village, adjacent to San Quentin State Prison. The major route also was closed between Larkspur Landing Circle and interstate 580, with traffic being diverted to surrounding streets.

As a result, traffic backed up significantly across the bridge’s northbound lanes into Richmond, as well as along area streets, the CHP reported.

The problem started with a 2008 Peterbilt big rig headed west on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, west of Anderson Drive. The vehicle, carrying two tank trailers with about 1,700 gallons of gas each, traveled partially onto the soft dirt shoulder and one trailer began to slide, Barclay said in a release.

Driver Christopher Knight tried to recover, but couldn’t and the trailers and the truck rolled and slid across the eastbound lane.

Knight, 30, of Sacramento got out without injury.

The back trailer, which ended up almost on its roof, was punctured and appeared to have lost all of its fuel load. Efforts by firefighters and other emergency responders included attempts to keep the fuel from reaching nearby waterways with makeshift dams and by pumping it into an empty fuel tanker truck brought to the crash.