A Sebastopol couple, who’d allegedly been drinking together, both ended up in the Sonoma County Jail suspected of drunken driving – he, after crashing on Hessel Road – and she, after she became worried and drove out looking for him, according to the CHP Monday.

Robert Sevenau, 68, and Moriah Fey, 65, were arrested on Hessel Road, said CHP Officer Jon Sloat.

It started with a crash on the west county lane at 8:45 p.m. Sevenau, traveling alone, had driven his truck off of the road and firefighters and CHP officers responded.

During the crash response Fey drove up and caught the attention of people at the scene, Sloat said. An officer flagged her down and she appeared confused at his instructions and her Dodge Avenger almost hit a patrol car.

She told the officer the man in the crash was her husband and she knew he was drunk because the two of them had been drinking together all day, the officer reported. She said she’d gone out to find him.

Fey was run through sobriety tests and failed. She also was on probation, having been found guilty of a prior drunken driving case, Sloat said.

He was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, ditto for her, plus her arrest included violation of her probation for the prior conviction.

Of the 13 people arrested during the weekend by CHP officers involving suspected drunken driving, one was a Petaluma woman whose SUV jumped a curb and crashed into landscaping.

Joann Psomas, 50, was found to have a blood-alcohol level more than four times the legal limit, Sloat said. She was arrested Friday afternoon on Petaluma Boulevard North after officers were called to the 2:35 p.m. crash.