<b>Release Lopez report</b>

EDITOR: That the Santa Rosa police report regarding the shooting that killed Andy Lopez was not made public when it was submitted to Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch is wrong ("D.A. gets Lopez shooting report," Thursday).

Besides the fact that the public pays for the investigation and the report, that the public pays for police and prosecutorial services, the public is entitled to know what the report says without its findings being filtered by the district attorney.

The public is entitled to know the report's assessments and what it may advocate be done in order to advocate what action or actions should be taken by the district attorney.

That the report is not made public displays distrust and a lack of faith in the people that the district attorney and the Santa Rosa and Petaluma police represent. That is wrong.

Ravitch should release the complete, unredacted, unabridged report to the community immediately.