Sunday's Letters to the Editor

No threat from oysters

EDITOR: Chris Kuhn (“Time to move on,” Letters, Tuesday) said that he appreciates the Department of Interior’s efforts to keep his land and water as clean and natural as possible (“Oyster bid rebuffed,” July 1). Apparently he does not realize that the oysters would not survive if the water wasn’t clean.

Point Reyes joined the national park system 53 years ago. All of the owners of the oyster farm, the present and former ones both, have provided employment and good food to the people of this area for 40 years. Why is Drakes Bay Oyster Co. suddenly a threat to the environment? Kuhn needs to take another look at who is really suppressing who.



Sheriff must act

EDITOR: District Jill Attorney Ravitch concluded that the facts supported the perception of Deputy Erick Gelhaus that a 5-foot-2 13-year-old walking in a field with a perceived weapon represented an imminent threat to his life. Gelhaus fired eight shots within seconds of perceiving this threat, resulting in Andy Lopez’s death. This is how Gelhaus responded, despite his many years of experience as a deputy and in the military.

The incident didn’t occur at a school or a crowded public place with potential danger to others. The perceived danger was to this experienced deputy outfitted in body armor.

Accepting Ravitch’s conclusion, one wonders about the state of mind that formed this perception. Questions concerning Gelhaus’ mental state and fitness for duty arise. I would urge Sheriff Steve Freitas to show leadership and address the issue.

This level of response seems far from appropriate, and although apparently not criminal, I believe that Freitas could send a strong message to the community by dismissing Gelhaus, demonstrating that his actions aren’t indicative of what generally is a fine group of officers.

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