Monday’s Letters to the Editor

Idling cars

EDITOR: Regarding the Petaluma City Council’s concerns over the proposed Walgreens drive-thru: If council members are so concerned about the atmosphere and greenhouse gases, why are they making such a big stink about two or three cars idling at a time and giving the developer such a hard time (“Compromise sought in Petaluma over Walgreens drive-thru,” Tuesday)? If they were truly concerned about greenhouse gases and auto emissions, they should be hammering the state and Gov. Jerry Brown to approve funding to complete the widening of Highway 101. Literally thousands of cars are trapped in traffic, idling, seven days a week; Saturdays and Sundays are just as bad as commute days.



Care vs. cash

EDITOR: Print coverage appears to be focusing on potential land use and how to divide up Sonoma Developmental Center acreage for development.

Sen. Norma Torres’ bill (“Bill could affect developmental center,” Monday) raises the concern that perhaps the real goal is the money that can be realized by parceling out the Lanterman Developmental Center campus and surrounding areas one piece at a time, instead of setting service provision to the residents there as a mandate. According to Torres, Lanterman is the only center affected by the legislation. Notwithstanding her comments, the ramifications for the Sonoma Developmental Center are obvious. Whether what she says is true or not, such a proposal raises the specter of misaligned priorities that adversely affect the lives of individuals who are dependent upon California’s centers, which were created to meet their needs. Although no one will admit this, it’s easy to read between the lines.

What’s more important is the manner in which decisions are made. A one-size-fits-all solution of transferring care to community-based organizations could prove catastrophic to many of the residents and wouldn’t be in keeping with the health and welfare guidelines that society and the state have established for those citizens who are unable to care for themselves. That’s something that should never be measured in terms of dollars and cents.


Santa Rosa

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