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How about these names for 6 Californias?

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper seems to be close to getting the signatures he needs to put a proposal to split California into six new states on the 2016 ballot. Draper’s plan, dubbed the “Six Californias,” reflects his conviction that the state has become “ungovernable” and that slicing it into smaller areas is the only way to make government more responsive to the people.

Let’s put aside the question of whether it would be wise to carve up the nation’s most populous, economically powerful state.

That’s small potatoes. The real issue is: What should we call the six new states?

It seems that Draper and his allies have already tackled this question. In a daring move, they’ve proposed that central California be called . Central California.

Then there’s South California, which is, well, the southern part of the state. And West California. And North California. Silicon Valley is going to be called — you guessed it — Silicon Valley.

Heck, the only new state among the six that shows any sign of turning over a new leaf is Jefferson, the name given to the region just south of the Oregon border.

But this simply resurrects a long-dead proposal from 1941, when some of the region’s rural citizens proposed to join with brethren in Oregon to create a new entity to escape the control of state capitols in Sacramento and Salem.

A modest proposal: If you’re going to channel Thomas Jefferson, go for broke. Indeed, when it comes to coming up with memorable names for states, Jefferson remains king.

The year was 1784, and the United States had just secured its independence from Britain. To provide for the orderly settlement and incorporation of what was then called the “Northwest” (today’s Midwest), Jefferson drafted a report for Congress that became the basis of the first “Northwest Ordinance.”

The draft proposed boundary lines that divided the region into territories. The erudite Jefferson, who studied both Native American tribal languages and Latin, marshaled both of these to name the territories.

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