Wednesday’s Letters to the Editor

  • BETH SCHLANKER / The Press Democrat
    Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists cross Mendocino Avenue at Fourth Street next to Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa.

Open the curtain

EDITOR: Is Santa Rosa a town you would like to visit, or is it forgettable? What happens to towns with no culture, no center? We fly over them, drive through them as quickly as possible, we let sprawl low-density subdivisions where manufactured culture is watched privately.

Bring on Courthouse Square’s reunification (“Talking in circles on a square,” Sunday). In cities such as Essex, England there is a commitment to introduce the public realm, to challenge the “net curtain” — life lived privately, cities locked up after 10 p.m. mentality — and inject the public realm with signs of movement and life.

We can project our local culture, from art student’s images to the Green Center and Wells Fargo Center’s live performances, even show the many good deeds of our police on a beautiful sheet of soothing water.

Water is precious, but look at Rome, Vienna and Paris. Water has a timeless way of uniting, calming citizens into meaningful conversations. I say less smog for a little water, this is what makes a high quality public realm. Shopping, not just driving though as quickly as possible, makes a place vibrant. I would rather have a traffic jam coming to Santa Rosa than leaving it.


Santa Rosa

Sloppy thinking

EDITOR: One of my progressive neighbors told me she favored closing the Drake’s Bay oyster operation because, “I just don’t like the idea of a private business in a national park.” A conservative friend told me, “This is just another example of big government being anti-business.” Both started with their political bias, then drummed up reasons to back it up. Sloppy thinking.

Without going into the ridiculous idea that a park, with its ranches, trails, parking lots, camp sites and lots of people, can be magically converted into wilderness by the stroke of a pen, here are some questions that should be asked:

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