Tuesday’s Letters to the Editor

A mother’s choices

EDITOR: My chest was ripped open by a beautiful, passionate, straightforward commentary from Gaza City (“Awful decisions I’ve made to protect my kids,” Thursday). Gazan-born, U.S.-educated Wejda Abu Shammala, married to a Palestinian-German, cuts to the heart of a woman’s primal need to protect her children. She wrote eloquently of the “painful contortions” she must endure in deciding how to prevent her children from being blown to bits and living with the consequences of her choices.

She actually has to decide: Should they all sleep in one room to increase the chances of a shell hitting one of the empty rooms? Or, no, better they sleep in separate rooms, so she might only lose one child that night. Of course, if a half-ton bomb drops they’re all dead anyway. Unimaginable choices.

Meanwhile, on the comics page, kudos to Candorville’s Darrin Bell for addressing the issue with smarts and humor. A dialogue between two “bruthas,” invoking the rap war between Biggie and Tupac, speaks to how their “mommas hugged each other and told both sides to cut that (blank) out.” And then concluding that “ain’t nuthin a million mommas huggin it out can’t fix.”



Santa Rosa


Questions about Gaza

EDITOR: Lila Hansen poses questions about Gaza’s war on Israel (“Questions about Gaza,” Sunday letters). I, too, have questions about Gaza.

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