Harming America

EDITOR: A Republican majority in the House of Representatives voted to sue the president of the United States for the first time in history. This antic is a ridiculous waste of precious time. We have so many important issues to effectively deal with, both domestically and abroad.

The day our president was elected, the Republican Party launched a plan to undercut him in every attempt he made to be a good and effective president.


This reminds me of Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich going on television like two comedians trying to shame then-President Bill Clinton and impeach him. This display of immaturity hurt America’s standing throughout the world. Other countries thought we were nuts.

Americans need to be reminded of the destruction these kinds of antics can have. It then snowballs into hurting relationships with allies, our security, economy, etc. It’s harmful for America.

Santa Rosa


Fighting Hamas

EDITOR: Absent from headlines about Gaza is the fact that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Arab countries are silently abiding Israel’s military campaign against Hamas. Those countries that have rejected the strictest forms of Islamic law and political power see Hamas as a dangerous, destabilizing force threatening their own countries as well as Israel.

The continuing quiet in the West Bank, which is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and not Hamas, suggests that if Hamas weren’t in power in Gaza, there would be general peace, and Gazans wouldn’t be under siege from Israel and Egypt.

The Palestinian Authority continues to show an intention to create a peaceful, two-state solution. Meanwhile, Hamas remains dedicated to destroying Israel while imposing a brutal form of religious government upon its own people.

A recent New York Times article quoted an unnamed senior Egyptian diplomat as saying, “Hamas is not Gaza, and Gaza is not Palestine.”

Amid all the propaganda criticizing Israel, it’s important to remember that Israel is not fighting the Palestinian people. It’s fighting Hamas. Perhaps that is something that the Arab countries can’t bring themselves to do, but they know it must be done.

Santa Rosa


Monument to sacrifice

EDITOR: I suppose it is easier to say “it’s a shame” and let the cross in Rincon Valley “blend in as nature takes its course” (“It’s a shame, what was done with the cross,” Chris Smith column, Thursday).

I suppose the cross, seen as a symbol of Christianity, is too controversial. It’s possible someone could be injured while maintaining the cross and sue the property owner. But we are missing the point.

The cross is a monument to the staggering loss of life given to protect this country during the second World War. It is important we remember the sacrifices made by hundreds of thousands of men and women.

The cross has a history and a meaning to Santa Rosa. If Los Angeles can maintain the Hollywood sign, a symbol of nothing, why is it so easy to quit on this monument to bravery and sacrifice?

Santa Rosa


Closure was right

EDITOR: I believe I’m a member of the “silent majority” — those who are tired of hearing about why oysters are more important than preserving the Drakes Bay Estero as wilderness. The closure of Drakes Bay Oyster Co. was absolutely fair. A deal is a deal. I am grateful for having the oyster shack closed. It is one huge step closer to realizing wilderness protection and management for Drakes Estero.

The American taxpayers purchased the oyster company in 1972 and have waited more than 40 years to enjoy a wilderness experience as long-planned and paid for. Drakes Estero is the ecological heart of Point Reyes National Seashore and should be protected from zooming motor boats, invasive species, marine vomit and plastic debris litter.

Wilderness is rare and valuable and must be protected from private commercialization. I’ve heard that Humboldt Bay is accepting proposals for new oyster leases and the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. can operate there. This operation was not appropriate in a national park wilderness area.



A good read

EDITOR: I recently read Elizabeth Warren’s new book, “A Fighting Chance.” It should be recommended reading for any American who is concerned about the direction this country is going.

It’s her story about her successes and failures. Warren started from a humble beginning in rural Oklahoma, worked her way through college, eventually receiving her law degree. For more than 20 years, she was a professor at the Harvard Law School.

In the mid-2000s, she was asked by the Obama Administration to work on setting up the Consumer Finance Protection Agency of the U.S. Treasury Department. She is currently the senior senator from Massachusetts. She is a very hard-working, intelligent person, and anyone who is fed up with the current situation is Washington should read her book.

Too many of our elected officials seem only to care about themselves and protecting the interests of big money. They have forgotten about the average middle class American citizen who is being threatened with extinction by many laws and a tax system that serves only to concentrate the wealth of this great country in a ever smaller percentage of the population.

I hope that Elizabeth Warren has a long and healthy life so she can continue her work of behalf of the average middle class American. We desperately need more people in Washington who think like her.

Santa Rosa