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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
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Water inequalities

editor: Well, let me get this straight. I’m supposed to cut my water use by 20 percent this year, let my lawn die and pay someone who recycles their water to wash my car.

Meanwhile, local golf courses have kept acres of grass growing, vineyards are the only thing not brown covering every hillside in the county and a new brewery seems to pop up around here about once a month. (Apparently, it takes 6 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of beer.)

Enjoy your weekend. I gotta crack a beer. It’s hot out, and I just finished washing my truck in the driveway here in Wine Country.

Bill McKee

Santa Rosa

Decaying streets

EDITOR: I heartily agree with Susan Myerson (“Form over function,” Letters, Friday) regarding the useless spending of funds to update Courthouse Square. She was correct in stating that our city streets are in horrible condition. Montgomery Drive, Sonoma Avenue and many others are is deplorable condition.

I also noticed that streets that need no repair are being resurfaced, while others lay in disrepair. I took a drive through Skyhawk subdivision, which is a relatively new addition, and the streets there had been resurfaced. The resurfacing abruptly stopped at the boundary where the older homes were.

What gives here? Is there no one living in the older subdivisions who has enough clout to deserve the same street repair.

It seems as if the City Council can erect something like the square to put their signature on; the congratulatory back-slapping lasts longer than merely repairing a street. I am disgusted with the way our tax money is spent. It seems as if our city government has a blank check to put our tax dollars where they want. Wake up Santa Rosa, we need change. After all, aren’t they supposed to be representing all of us?


Santa Rosa

Time to heal

EDITOR: Our community has been divided by the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. vs. Estero wilderness controversy for too long. The National Seashore and the designated wilderness belong to all the people of the United States. A deal is a deal. Once the oysters are removed, winter storms and tidal surges will restore the Estero over time to its wild state. The Lunny family still maintains a paving business and a grass-fed beef ranch, and there are other oyster companies producing marketable shellfish in Tomales Bay. It’s time to look forward to winter as a time of healing our town and restoring Drakes Estero.



Peace and security

EDITOR: Some thoughts on Esther Baruch’s letter (“Questions about Gaza,” Tuesday). First and foremost, to paraphrase her question: Do you know of any other country expected to tolerate a brutal military occupation since 1967 and a blockade of 1.8 million of its population since 2007 without fighting back?

Did you know that the Warsaw ghetto Jews dug tunnels and used them to get supplies and ammunition to fight the German soldiers?

Would you like to shelter your family in tunnels targeted by the world’s fourth strongest military, backed by the most powerful nation on earth?

Would you be happy living with your borders completely controlled by a hostile occupying power, including control of air space and adjoining sea?

One thing to remember for all of us who claim to be human: The measure of our humanity is our ability to feel the suffering of others, even those unknown to us. Yes, including Israeli civilians.

The siege of Gaza and the occupation of the Palestinian people by the Israelis must end. This is the root cause of all the tragedy. There will never be peace and security for the Israeli people without peace and security for the Palestinian people.



Get thee to the Cannery

EDITOR: And such a splendid time we passed this Friday last,

along the creek in fair Santa Rosa!

Wife, husband, children, friends were we,

and a picnic so sumptuous on that summer’s eve.

We feasted in the rosy glow of the ancient Cannery

and as the sun did set, thus began the tale of woe

of star-crossed lovers so excellently portrayed,

in the two hours’ traffic of that stage.

Though never there was a story of more woe,

(than that of Juliet and her Romeo), Nonetheless,

a joyous time was had by all. In praise we lift a glass

to Arlene Francis Center and Vacant Lot Productions!

And you, fair citizens,

with patient ears attend, lest this production end

before your time.

Take heed!

Performances continue through Aug. 23.

Janet Barocco

Santa Rosa

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