Tuesday’s Letters to the Editor

Stream flows

EDITOR: From looking at the water storage charts on the back of the Empire section, the water shortage is obvious. The graph that catches my attention, however, is the last two weeks of 2013. A great deal of water was released downstream at flows significantly larger than inflows. No doubt this was because of flood concerns. However, that water would be an asset if we had it today. I don’t pretend to know the criteria water managers use nor would I blame them, but perhaps a review of the criteria is in order. If rainfall is going to be less predictable with climate change, then a review is imperative.

St. Helena

Gelhaus returns

EDITOR: I am shocked and angered to learn that Deputy Erick Gelhaus is returning to patrol duties. While the district attorney’s decision obviously means that he can return to work, that doesn’t mean that he should. I strongly disagree with his attorney’s statement that “his nearly 25 years in law enforcement will continue to serve the community.” This is a man who pulled a gun on a motorist for failing to signal a lane change just weeks prior to brutally gunning down a 13-year-old boy. This is not someone I want patrolling my streets. The fact that “he will continue to (do so) proudly” speaks volumes of Gelhaus’ utter disconnect from the community he is supposed to serve. As a mother of a teenage son and a teacher of southwest Santa Rosa youth, I repeat: I do not want this man patrolling our streets.

Santa Rosa

Tipping point

EDITOR: Malcolm Gladwell’s first New York Times best-selling non-fiction book is called “The Tipping Point.” As Gladwell points out, there is a tipping point that accelerates a movement or action in our society.

The current situation in Ferguson, Mo., is a tipping point. The continued looting and protesting is much deeper than the latest police shooting. It is a tipping point of people frustrated by a failed Obama administration, which has 30 percent of Americans living at or under the poverty level. Besides a lack of jobs and opportunity, this administration has provided a complicated and, unfortunately, expensive health care plan that many people, especially those living under the poverty level do not understand. They are fed up.

One can only hope this tipping point does not expand to violence and looting in other areas of the United States.

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