Library tax

EDITOR: Before I start with the reasons to support a one-eighth of a cent library sales tax, please allow a digression. Both of my parents were Republicans. Until he mellowed out, my dad, always voted a straight GOP ticket. He hated taxes and used to rail against Roosevelt, Truman, et. al. Mom was a bit more open-minded about voting. She used to say, “Vote for whoever you think will do the best job.”

So, get to the point or shut up, you say. I am voting for the Sonoma County library sales tax this November because, without proper funding, the library is like a rudderless ship. Go to RestoreLibraryHours.com. You will see all the reasons why it is needed. Let’s open the library evenings and on Mondays again.

We can and must do this. The library asks for your support to do the job it is supposed to do. It the measure fails, the library will never open a new Roseland branch. And it will continue to limp along. Everyone benefits from the library.

Whether you’re for or against it, at least vote.


Santa Rosa

Disappointing fair

EDITOR: Fair attendance wasn’t down because of the weather, the casino or any other thing the powers that be came up with (“ ‘Still a good year,’ ” Tuesday). It’s because it feels like a rip off.

The entrance fee was more, but that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that everything inside was up even more, especially the food. Even worse was standing in line to go through security and watching security people throw out bottles of water from diaper bags mothers had packed for their babies. That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. These poor families had to go in and pay $4 for another bottle of water. If that doesn’t make you mad, what will?

Then the main hall: How many hot tubs do people need to see, or what about all that other junk that is for sale? How about a little selection? I have gone to the fair for 20 years and have never seen such junk.

My dad used to say the first minutes that you enter a place and how you are treated is how you view the whole experience. If this is true, the fair is a terrible experience and doomed to failure. We need someone new to head a new approach.



Hold the water

EDITOR: In the past week, I ate at two restaurants in Sonoma County. Both times, water was brought to the table automatically. It seems that restaurants can help our water conservation efforts if they bring water only upon the diner’s request. Every little bit of water saved will help.


Santa Rosa

Unseat Slayter

EDITOR: We need officials who care about community values and concerns of the citizens, not the narrow interests of corporations and a few wealthy people. Patrick Slayter is the only remaining Sebastopol City Council member who voted to pass the ill-advised CVS project. In your article about the upcoming election (“Four join race for Sebastopol council,” Monday), Slayter said his experience puts him ahead of the learning curve when it comes to understanding the needs of the citizens and advocacy for alternative transportation.

Instead, he rubber-stamped a seriously flawed traffic report that was in the financial interest of a wealthy owner of commercial real estate in Sebastopol. Thanks to Slayter’s votes, the new CVS will bring thousands of additional car trips through the busiest and most dangerous traffic intersection in west county.

During his four years in office, not one bike path has been funded or one electric vehicle purchased by our city. Slayter believes the council has no role in helping reopen Palm Drive Hospital with an emergency room. He opposed restricting the use of leaf blowers, although the health hazards and noise pollution of those devices endanger our citizens, especially seniors and young children.

Slayter is out of touch with what citizens in Sebastopol want and need and should not be re-elected.



Concert etiquette

EDITOR: We are lucky in Santa Rosa to have such a nice venue with the Wells Fargo Center, and Steve Winwood played a fantastic show on Aug. 9. Everyone there was a big fan, but some thought they were extra privileged (or anti-authority baby boomers) and could break the no camera, audio or video recording rules.

I was embarrassed for Santa Rosa and distracted by phones recording while enjoying my favorite artist. I may have been the youngest Traffic fan there, but I had to tap a shoulder and remind an elder not to record out of respect for Winwood and the Wells Fargo Center. Get a clue, people.


Santa Rosa

Question for Harris

EDITOR: I read with interest the column by Dan Morain highlighting the political prowess of the progressive movement’s darling, California Attorney General Kamala Harris (“Harris bobs and weaves her way to re-election,” Tuesday).

There’s no question that she is a very able and skilled politician. Much like the president, the “Friend of Barack” does speak engagingly but lacks a certain courage since she avoids the difficult issues by responding in generalities.

Morain posed questions on current topics as a method to explore Harris’ opinions.

Had I the chance, I would have asked, “Isn’t it true that you created and supported a program that diverted felony illegal immigrants from the justice system when you were San Francisco district attorney? Yes or no?”


Santa Rosa