Friday’s Letters to the Editor


Spicer must go

EDITOR: The comments by White House press secretary Sean Spicer were unacceptable and egregious. To diminish the massacre of innocent German citizens, especially on Passover, is unconscionable. For Spicer to comment that Bashar Assad is worse than Hitler demeans the entire Trump administration and the United States in general. Racism, in any way, shape or form must be fought by every citizen. We must be vigilant against this. Spicer’s clumsy disclaimer is not acceptable. We, as citizens, should demand his immediate resignation.


Santa Rosa

Cost of conserving

EDITOR: During the recent drought we were required to conserve water. For the most part, conservation efforts exceeded the requirements. We did such a good job, in fact, that we are now being penalized. Our rates are going up, because the Sonoma County Water Agency didn’t sell enough water (“County raising rates for water,” Wednesday).

There must be a better way to handle this situation. Perhaps the Water Agency needs to put some money aside in non-drought years to cover its costs when there is another drought. It is a bit much to expect people to save water, knowing that by doing so, they will be raising their own rates.

Charging more money for less product isn’t the way to go.


Santa Rosa

A unilateral attack

EDITOR: First, imagine yourself as a planetary citizen, part of a global family — a family representing wonderfully diverse cultures, intermarriages so to speak, as we realize that we breathe the same air, see the same sun and moon, share the oceans. Next, one of our “family members” needs an intervention. They have gone berserk, dropping chemical weapons on their own immediate families. What would we do? Call a meeting? Discuss action? What should we do to bring justice and peace?

We doesn’t mean the United States as the world’s judge, jury and executioner. We doesn’t mean one country making a decision over another. We means a summit, a gathering of nations united to make a collective decision. Wouldn’t we do that with our own immediate families?

I thought that President Donald Trump was complaining that our NATO allies weren’t contributing their fair share to military actions. But here he decides, with the support of his generals, to continue to be the world’s policeman. Wouldn’t it be better to collaborate with our one family, one sky, one sun, one moon, one Earth?


Santa Rosa

Gas tax hike

EDITOR: Apparently our elected officials are smarter than we give them credit for. They know that we won’t vote to raise taxes for something we are already paying for, so they raised fuel taxes that are already the highest in the country and added another fee to vehicle registration. Didn’t they just add an auto registration fee to pay for a CHP pension shortfall? Where has all the money gone? I can’t wait for the elections.



Santa Rosa rent control

EDITOR: As a senior, a mother and a grandmother, I have been working on housing issues in Santa Rosa since October 2014. After two years of being encouraged, the City Council passed a rent control and just-cause eviction ordinance last fall. Accordingly, we got a reprieve from rent increases for several months.

However, when some landlords and Realtors were able to gather enough signatures on a petition to suspend the ordinance, our rent increased by a large amount in January. My husband and I support ourselves on Social Security and a small pension. When the rent goes up, our income doesn’t. One more increase would probably make us homeless.

Please vote yes on Measure C on June 6, so that people like me can afford to stay in our homes in Santa Rosa.


Santa Rosa

Staying safe

EDITOR: Near the end of high school, fancy dresses and stylish tuxedos come out for prom. Seniors also prepare for college, the military and/or work. A lesson from my life must be learned.

In 1992, I was a junior and an athlete at Tracy High School in San Joaquin County. I planned to attend a California college such as Sonoma State University. That never happened.

I was 16 on April 10 of that year when I was hit head-on by a drunken driver. The collision put me in a coma for 100 days and caused brain injuries, several broken and dislocated bones and paralysis. I was a patient in two hospitals for seven months and then had therapy for 17 months.

After 25 years, I still struggle daily with my hearing, talking and walking, and I cannot drive. Schooling for my dream job is unrealistic. A drunken driver dramatically changed my life.

Please don’t make a bad decision by driving drunk or becoming a passenger in a vehicle with a drunken driver. As the old cliché says, “The life you save may be your own.”