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As a story in Saturday’s Press Democrat indicated, it was a note that ShaunGallon, 38, of Forestville handed to a Sonoma County jail guard that started a chain of events that ended with him being named as the prime suspect in the killing of young Midwestern couple camping at a Jenner beach 13 years ago.

But credit really goes to the tenacious work of many individuals within the Sheriff’s Office — as well as federal agents and law enforcement from other agencies — who have refused to give up on the case.

Gallon has yet to be charged, but given that he is already jailed as a suspect in the March killing of his brother, investigators know that he’s not going anywhere. Officials aren’t yet saying what information they have that has linked Gallon to the 2004 shooting deaths of Lindsay Cutshall, 22, and her fiancé, Jason Allen, 26, as they slept on the sand at Fish Head Beach. But they say they are working on building a case to present to the District Attorney’s Office.

Thumbs up to all who have worked this case over the years. Here’s hoping we finally close the book on this sad chapter in the county’s history.