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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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Cognitive decline?

EDITOR: Professionals aren’t supposed to diagnose at a distance, but the rest of us can expose the wannabe emperor. Donald Trump’s behavior is that of an emotionally disturbed man in the early stages of dementia, the disease that ravaged his father. Witness the diminished vocabulary, slowed speech and inability to make full sentences without a script or remember his own lies from one day to the next.

The behavior that’s puzzling is that of his enablers. Are they up too close to see the emperor has no clothes? Are they seeing him as he used to be?

I suspect many do see and are covering for him. Anthony Scaramucci revealed as much when he professed unconditional love for our needy, gullible leader in his New Yorker interview July 27: “Some people inside the administration think it is their job to protect America from the president.”

Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC on Tuesday said he is losing executive function and his family is there to help him. Bravo to those who would put country above party; may they leak and speak freely. History will show them as patriots if they enable us to replace Trump with someone who is at least mentally and emotionally fit.


Santa Rosa

Get involved

EDITOR: In response to an article in The Press Democrat in May by Martin Espinoza titled “Sonoma County Sheriff restricts cooperation between jail and ICE,” I sent a letter to the editor stating that the sheriff’s decision was certainly a step in the right direction. However, based on the lead article in the Saturday addition of the PD, “County jail still notifying ICE,” it appears that I was overly optimistic. This reversal in policy is definitely a step in the wrong direction.

A significant step in getting the Sheriff’s Office back on track is to get SB 54, which would bar local and state law enforcement from using their resources to help federal immigration enforcement, passed.

The bill has been approved in the Senate and is currently in committee in the Assembly. We, the people of the state of California, need to take direct, personal action to get this bill passed. This means contacting your state Assembly representative and letting him know that you strongly support this bill. We are a democracy, and in a democracy the term “We the People” means you.



Two songs for Trump

EDITOR: I have two songs for the Donald to listen to over and over: “Try a little kindness,” which was sung by Glen Campbell, and “America” sung by Neil Diamond. They tell what this country was and is meant to be. Listen to them Mr. Trump, and get the message.

But there’s another song that frightens me because with the impulsive tweeter-in-chief in command it seems fitting: “Eve of Destruction” sung by Barry McGuire. It was originally a Vietnam protest song, but McGuire has redone his song to fit our world now. Check out You Tube and listen to the different versions for today’s world — a scary world with some pretty scary people in charge.



Great hypocrisy

EDITOR: Don Waltenspiel’s letter regarding single-payer health insurance (“Government controlled?” Saturday) reeks of the hypocrisy displayed by those who have government programs yet argue against them for others. He uses the infamous caveat “but” to make his case. He has Medicare “but” is worried about government control. If Waltenspiel has Medicare, he probably has Social Security too. Oops! Another government program. Bad. Bad.

Maybe Don should reject his monthly stipend, dump his Medicare program, go out and get a job and buy some shabby health insurance plan on the marketplace. As he says, he doesn’t have the answer, but he takes the government money.

Lucky Don.



Race-based elections?

EDITOR: I am appalled at the racist demand of Alicia Roman and Caroline Bañuelos (“Santa Rosa, school board should embrace district elections,” Close to Home, Friday) for race-based election districts in Santa Rosa.

Gerrymandering election districts based on race is against all modern concepts of civil rights and democracy. The U.S. Justice Department has even forced some states to abolish race-based election districts.

We should all try to get along and not treat people according to race in government as well as in commerce.


Santa Rosa

A district proposal

EDITOR: I read with interest the Close To Home concerning the viability and inherent fairness of district elections for both Santa Rosa and the School Board. Being a northeast Santa Rosa resident, I have never lacked for area representation as far back as I can remember. Unfortunately, folks from the southeast, southwest and northwest areas of Santa Rosa can’t say the same. So how about what I think is a logical compromise? There should be one representative from each city quadrant. The quadrant center is Highway 101 and Hightway 12. Then there should be one additional representative from east of Highway 101 and one from the west side. The final seventh representative would be an at-large candidate that could come from any of the quadrants. As a minimum, our City Council would have three east iders and three westsiders. Let’s embrace our city’s diversity and demographics at last.


Santa Rosa