Friday’s Letters to the Editor


Taxes and services

EDITOR: So it seems that Raleigh Chaix doesn’t like the new gas taxes and vehicle registration fees (“Democrats and taxes,” Letters, Sunday). I think it’s safe to say no one likes tax increases, but what are you willing to give up? Roads? Parks? Education? Most of us have programs we believe are necessary and can list ones we could do without.

It’s expensive to live in our part of California, but as someone who moved here many years ago from a low-tax state, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. The outpouring of generosity in the aftermath of the recent fires offsets any negative impact of public policy.

As for blaming Democrats, I assume Chaix opposes the Republicans’ deficit-expanding tax cut bill.


Santa Rosa

Trump and North Korea

EDITOR: I’m deeply worried by President Donald Trump’s continual escalation of tensions with North Korea, a cycle that seems like it could easily devolve into nuclear war. It feels like we’re just one tweet away from a conflict that could turn nuclear, which would put millions of lives at risk.

That’s why I’m calling on my members of Congress to support the Lieu-Markey bill. This bill would introduce much-needed checks and balances on the president’s absolute power over the U.S. nuclear arsenal by requiring congressional authorization of any nuclear first strike ordered by the president.


Santa Rosa

Rethinking fire agencies

EDITOR: With the firestorm response coming under close scrutiny as well as the loss of tax base to those areas most impacted by the property losses, it’s time for serious consideration of a unified Sonoma County fire district.

Creating a countywide district would allow sharing of resources, personnel and funds across the numerous districts that have tried to eke along on their own for so long. This consolidated approach has worked in Marin County for many years.

Considering how the fires knew no civic borders, perhaps it’s even time to consider one fire district to include both the county and the towns and cities.



Honoring veterans

EDITOR: This year’s Veterans Day will be unlike previous years. I, like many others, have been touched by the tragic wildfires that have changed the landscape and lives of our friends and neighbors. On Saturday, the first responders will be honored with all our veterans at the North Bay Veterans Parade in Petaluma.

I invite all women veterans to participate with us. There are many women, those who have served and also those on active duty in our communities.

Please join us at Walnut Park, and walk with us, as we honor you and all the other veterans and all the safety professionals. We represent women from all branches of service, serving from World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and to the present.


President, Redwood Empire Unit 77, Military Women Across the Nation

Trump’s response

EDITOR: My heart breaks for the people of the small church in Texas that was the victim of the latest “worst shooting” (this time in a house of worship) in America. But, excuse me, where was the tweeter-in-chief’s deep concern for the people who lost their lives and the hundreds more who lost their homes here in Northern California?

In three weeks there was not one word, not one tweet with his condolences. It was as if we didn’t exist. I realize in his world California isn’t important, and many of us in this state don’t care about that, but it took about a half-hour Sunday for him to tweet his deep condolences for Texas and assure them he was “watching the situation.”

Did he watch the situation as people ran for their lives from the monster fire that was partially a result of the climate change he denies? He is supposed to be the president of all of the citizens of the United States, not just the ones who support him politically. He is a disgrace to the office of the president.


Santa Rosa

Healing land and soul

EDITOR: The Nov. 3 paper described efforts being made to install straw run-off protection and grass seed in our beloved parks (“Reviving burned parks’). It also said “park managers know that opportunities to get out in nature are needed more than ever” and “residents are likely in need of nature’s healing powers.”

This presents a special opportunity to heal both land and soul at the same time. This win-win scenario involves inviting public volunteers back into the parks to help install that straw and grass seed as well as assisting with other light cleanup. Hundreds would probably welcome this opportunity to contribute, and the job would get done sooner, perhaps before the heavy rains start.

Let’s get going.


Santa Rosa