Wednesday’s Letters to the Editor


Disaster warnings

EDITOR: More than three months have passed, and Sonoma County’s citizens still have no wildfire early warning system. According to Tuesday’s article, our county supervisors are still uncertain about what approach should be adopted as an effective alarm system (“County seeks better alarms”).

One problem, at least as I see it, is that not everyone has a smartphone or a landline. If authorities are determined to apply a relatively high-tech approach such as SoCo Alert and Nixle, many people could still become statistics.

What’s wrong with setting up sirens? Sirens have been around since the beginning of the Cold War in the late 1940s and early 1950s.They can be cheaply built and regularly tested so that everyone, regardless of how long they have lived here and their level of education, can be rapidly alerted to a dangerous, rapidly moving wildfire, tsunami or high-magnitude earthquake. Persons with hearing disabilities would be alerted by neighbors with better hearing.

Other countries, including Mexico, for example, already have sirens in place that can be effective warning systems.

What is holding up our decision-makers?


Santa Rosa

Who’s responsible?

EDITOR: The Rev. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, has taken over the family “business,” and in a CNN interview on Jan. 23, he rationalized the evangelical community’s support for a president whose ethical and moral behavior is wildly inconsistent with traditional Christian values.

Charges of infidelity, sexual misconduct, racism and more were casually dismissed as “in the past” and “unproven.” “I believe he’s president of the United States for a reason,” Graham said. “I believe God put him there.” Is this in addition to any input the Russians may have had? Graham didn’t reveal the reason that God may have influenced the electoral process, but he’s sure it supports his social and financial agenda.

Of course it’s possible that God put Trump in the White House to expose the hypocrisy of some of those who claim moral authority. Study question: Is God responsible for Trump’s dismal poll numbers?


Santa Rosa

Shameful treatment

EDITOR: The news about Jorge Garcia, a Michigan father who was brought to this country as a child but was deported after living in the U.S. for 30 years, is shameful. He is married to a citizen, has two citizen children and has no criminal record. True, he was brought here illegally, but after being immersed in American culture for 30 years, shouldn’t he be considered American?

The majority of people in this country are descended from immigrants. We benefit from the diversity and skills we gain from immigrants. We should continue to welcome those who want the opportunities available in our great country.

Those brought here as children had no choice in the matter. They symbolize the American Dream and should be allowed to stay, to attend college, to improve our society through their hard work and be given a path to citizenship.


Santa Rosa

Paper leans toward pot

EDITOR: I have subscribed to your publications for some years now and get most of local news from it. My gripe is the amazing attention you give to the pot industry. There isn’t an edition where you don’t mention any form of pot — either availability, prices or whatever, even with big headlines and pictures.

It took us years to get rid of most of the tobacco smoking. Now we seem to be pushing the next bad habit, along with the potential of drivers high on pot. That’s just as bad as drunken driving.

We can get our tax dollars in a much better and secure form than from hash or pot.

Also, why is your paper so politically left-sided in your opinions and editorials? The worst are the political caricatures, which are all one-sided.

I thought a newspaper should be neutral in its context and show both sides of any issue. It seems though that you favor mostly very liberal standpoints.

Is there any chance you can change in the future and report more neutrally?



A baby on the floor

EDITOR: Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth has announced that she is pregnant, which would make her, if all goes well, the first sitting U.S. senator to give birth. I, for one, believe that Duckworth could do just as good a job as senator with her baby in tow while on the Senate floor as otherwise.

That being said, in the future, other senators better not complain about any babblings the baby may make while on the Senate floor since, in the past, we’ve been willing to tolerate the babblings that have come out of the mouths of so many senators when they have made their orations. For similar reasons, the other Senators better not complain about the occasional diaper change.


Santa Rosa