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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
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North Bay League

Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, Rancho Cotate, WR/DB, senior

Jordan Brookshire, Cardinal Newman, quarterback, junior

Brandon Boccaleoni, Rancho Cotate, lineman, senior

Mitchell Bruning, Windsor, linebacker, senior

Sean Nagle, Maria Carrillo, kicker, senior

Cardinal Newman staff

First-team defense
Fhestus Chomba, Maria Carrillo, defensive back, senior
Nic Petri, Casa Grande, defensive back, senior
Danny Shelton, Rancho Cotate, defensive back, senior
Damien Wallace, Cardinal Newman, defensive back, junior
Dante Burrell, Ukiah, lineman, senior
Jordan Cabico, Cardinal Newman, lineman, senior
Cameron Caughey, Windsor, lineman, senior
Andrew Floerke, Casa Grande, lineman, senior
Jonah Kim, Maria Carrillo, lineman, senior
Jamon Roberts, Cardinal Newman, lineman, senior
Alex Tancreto, Windsor, lineman, senior
Nicholas Bautista, Montgomery, linebacker, senior
Sam Fletcher, Windsor, linebacker, senior
Josh Groesbeck, Maria Carrillo, linebacker, senior
Mike Ortola, Cardinal Newman, linebacker, senior
Anthony Spallino, Windsor, linebacker, senior
Spencer Torkelson, Casa Grande, linebacker, junior

First-team offense
Kualana Ako, Cardinal Newman, lineman, senior
Spencer Almy, Cardinal Newman, lineman, senior
Kameron Chase, Casa Grande, lineman, senior
Spencer Macon, Maria Carrillo, lineman, senior
Soni Misi, Rancho Cotate, lineman, senior
Reed Palmer, Cardinal Newman, lineman, senior
Blake Stibi, Windsor, lineman, senior
Gunner Mefferd, Rancho Cotate, quarterback, senior
Kalei Aukai, Santa Rosa, wide receiver, junior
Kaleo Garrigan, Casa Grande, wide receiver, senior
Anthony Rea, Windsor, wide receiver, senior
Damien Wallace, Cardinal Newman, wide receiver, junior
Josh Groesbeck, Maria Carrillo, running back, senior
Michael Ortola, Cardinal Newman, running back, senior
Spencer Torkelson, Casa Grande, running back, junior
Elijah Chirco, Casa Grande, tight end, senior
Shawn Pabros, Maria Carrillo, tight end, senior
Gunner Mefferd, Rancho Cotate, punter, senior

Second-team defense

Lucas Campos, Windsor, defensive back, senior
TJ Epps, Maria Carrillo, defensive back, junior
Kaleo Garrigan, Casa Grande, defensive back, senior
Anthony Rea, Windsor, defensive back, senior
Caleb Allen, Ukiah, lineman, junior
Elijah Chirco, Casa Grande, lineman, senior
Casey Corcoran, Rancho Cotate, lineman, senior
John Kirby, Maria Carrillo, lineman, senior
Lee Magers, Montgomery, lineman, senior
Soni Misi, Rancho Cotate, lineman, senior
Braden Tavelli, Montgomery, lineman, senior
Tanielu Guerrero, Rancho Cotate, linebacker, junior
Nick Jensen, Casa Grande, linebacker, senior
Isiah Kohne, Maria Carrillo, linebacker, senior
Derante Lemelle, Ukiah, linebacker, senior
Irwin Mann, Cardinal Newman, linebacker, junior
Bala Triolo, Cardinal Newman, linebacker, senior
Max Wright, Maria Carrillo, linebacker, senior

Second-team offense
Dante Burrell, Ukiah, lineman, senior
Jake McEldery, Cardinal Newman, lineman, junior
Johhny Shahin, Rancho Cotate, lineman, senior
Alex Tancreto, Windsor, lineman, senior
Travis Voight, Casa Grande, lineman, junior
Gavin Williams, Maria Carrillo, lineman, senior
JJ Anderson, Casa Grande, quarterback, senior
Isaiah Steele, Santa Rosa, quarterback, junior
Curtis Johnson, Windsor, wide receiver, senior
Nic Petri, Casa Grande, wide receiver, senior
Austin Rapolla, Montgomery, wide receiver, sophomore
Malik Telcy, Montgomery, wide receiver, senior
Jalen Ward, Rancho Cotate, wide receiver, sophomore
David Escarcega, Windsor, running back, junior
Cole Martin, Maria Carrillo, running back, senior
Danny Shelton, Rancho Cotate, running back, senior
Mo Ward, Rancho Cotate, running back, senior
Morgan Edwards, Ukiah, tight end, junior
Jordan Paige, Montgomery, kicker, senior

Honorable Mention
Mark Boschetti, Cardinal Newman, defensive back, sophomore
Sammy Brossard, Cardinal Newman, wide receiver, junior
Mike Daly, Cardinal Newman, linebacker, junior
Jason Dedrick, Cardinal Newman, wide receiver, senior
Joey Dimarco, Cardinal Newman, defensive Line, junior
Jalen Dural, Cardinal Newman, linebacker, junior
Adam Hinde, Cardinal Newman, defensive Line, junior
Dino Kahaulelio, Cardinal Newman, defensive Line, senior
Ian McMullen, Cardinal Newman, running back, freshman
Jason Moran, Cardinal Newman, defensive back, sophomore
Derek Raffo, Cardinal Newman, defensive back, senior
Zion Voght, Cardinal Newman, offensive Line, junior
Billy Brown, Casa Grande, defensive Line, junior
Alec Burdette, Casa Grande, linebacker, senior
Andrew Floerke, Casa Grande, running back, senior
Dulio Froes, Casa Grande, wide receiver, junior
Holton Johnson, Casa Grande, wide receiver, senior
Brian Kolodin, Casa Grande, defensive Line, junior
Dylan Korte, Casa Grande, offensive Line, junior
Matthew Kubes, Casa Grande, defensive back, junior
Ryan Lowe, Casa Grande, linebacker, senior
Tommy Luchese, Casa Grande, offensive Line, junior
Travis Voight, Casa Grande, offensive Line, junior
Eric Beaulac, Maria Carrillo, lineman, senior
Bailey Brown, Maria Carrillo split end/defensive back, senior
Josh Kauvesi, Maria Carrillo, lineman, junior
Westley Picard, Maria Carrillo split end/defensive back, junior
Seth Vernon, Maria Carrillo split end/defensive back, junior
Shane Yu, Maria Carrillo, lineman, senior
Max Gaddie, Montgomery, wide receiver, junior
Telcy Malik, Montgomery, defensive back, senior
Connor Russell, Montgomery, defensive Line, junior
Charles Stone, Montgomery, linebacker, senior
Jaden Valentine, Montgomery, defensive back, senior
Jason Vallejo, Montgomery, offensive Line, junior
Elias Rantissi, Rancho Cotate, linebacker, freshman
AJ Valajos, Rancho Cotate, defensive back, junior
Peyton Whetstone, Rancho Cotate, wide receiver, junior
Angel Alfaro, Santa Rosa, linebacker, senior
Nico D’Amato, Santa Rosa, wide receiver, senior
Edwin Martinez, Santa Rosa, kicker, senior
Anthony Brocchini, Ukiah, defensive back, senior
Jason Brockett, Ukiah, defensive Line, junior
Trenton Burford, Ukiah, wide receiver, senior
Chris Crow, Ukiah, kick returner, senior
Morgan Edwards, Ukiah, defensive Line, junior
Dino Franklin, Ukiah, linebacker, senior
Kenya Henderson, Ukiah, kicker, senior
Brett Hofstetter, Ukiah, quarterback, junior
Caden Johnson, Ukiah, offensive Line, senior
Nick Rau, Ukiah, wide receiver, senior
Cody Shepard, Ukiah, running back, junior
Jackson Baughman, Windsor, running back, junior
Max Brown, Windsor, quarterback, senior
Cameron Caughey, Windsor, offensive Line, senior
Evan Legaspi, Windsor, defensive back, senior
Dalton Mullins, Windsor, kicker, senior

Sonoma County League

Coach of the Year
Rick Krist, Petaluma

Player of the Year
Brendan White, Petaluma

Back of the Year
Jose Ramirez, Piner

Lineman of the Year
Mike Elgin, Piner

Defensive Player of the Year
Isaac Kangas, Analy

Specialist of the Year
Schuyler Van Weele, Analy

First-team offense
Lucas Dentoni, Petaluma, senior, running back
Luke Wheless, Petaluma, senior, running back
Ben Upton, Petaluma, senior, lineman
Jorge Becerra, Petaluma, senior, lineman
Saturday Phiakeo, Piner, senior, wide receiver
Jack Newman, Analy, junior, quarterback
Osiris Zamora, Analy, junior, running back
Schuyler Van Weele, Analy, senior wide receiver
Ross Simmons, Analy, junior, wide receiver
Jesus Arriol, Analy a, senior, lineman
Andrew Fossell, Analy, senior, lineman
Jordan Parks, Analy, senior, kicker
Cody Koch, Healdsburg, senior, wide receiver
Cody Newman, Healdsburg, senior, lineman
Austin Sani, El Molino, senior, tight end
Leo Garza, El Molino, senior, lineman

First-team defense
Lucas Dentoni, Petaluma, senior, outside linebacker
Luke Wheless, Petaluma, senior, defensive back
Justin Santa, Petaluma, junior, defensive lineman
Travis Plank, Petaluma, senior, defensive end
Casey Goddard, Petaluma, senior, inside linebacker
Sean Terry, Piner, senior, defensive end
Scott Simpson Jr., Piner, senior, outside linebacker
Saturday Phiakeo, Piner, senior, defensive back
Connor Kearney, Analy, junior, defensive lineman
Tristan Savage, Analy, senior, inside linebacker
Mathew Pitcavage, Analy, senior, outside linebacker
Kyle Johnson, Analy, junior, defensive back
Cody Koch, Healdsburg, senior, defensive back
Cody Newman, Healdsburg, senior, defensive end
Austin Sani, El Molino, senior, outside linebacker
Leo Garza, El Molino, senior, defensive lineman
Ryan Fernandez, El Molino, senior, inside linebacker

Second-team offense
Eamon McMahon, Petaluma, senior, wide receiver
Robert Krist, Petaluma, senior, tight end
Zane Overton, Petaluma, senior, lineman
Will O’Neill, Petaluma, senior, lineman
Scott Simpson, Piner, senior, wide receiver
Sean Terry, Piner, senior, lineman
Gunnar Weikal, Piner, senior, lineman
Dylan Rivera, Piner, senior, kicker
Lucas Housman, Analy, senior, wide receiver
Dillon Goss Carpenter, Analy, senior, lineman
Bryant Herrguth, Healdsburg, senior, running back
Max Yankovich, Sonoma, junior, quarterback
Henry Darnell, Sonoma, sophomore, running back
John Little, Sonoma, senior, lineman

Second-team defense
Eamon McMahon, Petaluma, senior, defensive back
Harrison Royall, Petaluma, senior, defensive back
D’andre Sims, Piner, senior, inside linebacker
Skyler Ito-Lutz, Piner, junior, defensive back
Jordan Parks, Analy, junior, defensive end
Nick Savage, Analy, junior, outside linebacker
James Raftery, Analy, junior, defensive back
Bryant Herrguth, Healdsburg, senior, outside linebacker
Damian Chesmore, Healdsburg, sophomore, inside linebacker
Dalton Elster, Sonoma, junior, defensive lineman
Noah Bartolome, Sonoma, junior, defensive end
Sam Cordano, Sonoma, senior, outside linebacker
Will Lennon, Sonoma, senior, defensive back
Kevin Fisiiahi-Thomayer, Elsie Allen, sophomore, defensive end

Honorable Mention
Connor Richardson, Petaluma, junior, outside linebacker
Tyler Williams, Petaluma, senior, inside linebacker
Levi Yeley, Healdsburg, junior, quarterback
Ricco Vasquez, Healdsburg, defensive lineman
Lucus Kiff, Healdsburg, wide receiver/defensive back
Jacob Numainville, Healdsburg, defensive back
Spencer Vogel, Analy, junior, wide receiver
Johnny Gomes, Analy, senior, outside linebacker
Jake Peter, El Molino, junior, outside linebacker
D’andre Sims, Piner, senior, outside linebacker
Tommy Martinez, Piner, freshman defensive back
Angelo Giannavola, Piner, junior, defensive back
Michael Vega, Elsie Allen, inside linebacker

North Central League I

Most Valuable Player, Offense
Kaylor Sullivan, senior, Fort Bragg, quarterback

Co-Most Valuable Players, Defense
Lucas Triplett, senior, Fort Bragg, defensive back
Mason Meier, senior, Cloverdale, linebacker

First team, offense
Dylan Martin, junior, St. Helena, quarterback
Jahaiver Otero, senior, St. Helena, running back
Coleman Drew, senior, Middletown, running back
Luke Bernardi, senior, Cloverdale, running back
Lucas Triplett, junior, Fort Bragg, wide receiver
Tyler Baker, senior, Fort Bragg, wide receiver
Marcus Poe, senior, Cloverdale, wide receiver
Justin Thom, senior, Willits, wide receiver
Sam Perkins, senior, Fort Bragg, interior lineman
Justin Celeri, junior, Fort Bragg, interior lineman
Kyle Lemeiux, senior, St. Helena, interior lineman
Antonio Macias, senior, St. Helena, interior lineman
Wyatt Jones, senior, Middletown, interior lineman
Adrian Bernardi, senior, Cloverdale, tight end

First team, defense
Triston Cooper, senior, Fort Bragg, defensive line,
Sage Randall-Darter, senior, St. Helena, defensive line
Travis Kitowski, senior, Cloverdale, defensive line
Jasper Estes, senior, Fort Bragg, defensive end
Stephen Amos, senior, Middletown, defensive end
Brett Jacomella, senior, Fort Bragg, linebacker
Mark Martin, senior, St. Helena, linebacker
Austin Cia, senior, St. Helena, linebacker
Wyatt Jones, senior, Middletown, linebacker
Manny Sanchez, senior, Kelseyville, linebacker
Payton Rockwood, senior, St. Helena, defensive back
Gabe Guzman, junior, Middletown, defensive back
Lane Wright, senior, Willits, defensive back
Asa Peters, senior, Kelseyville, defensive back

Honorable Mention
Jacob Peterson, Cloverdale, outside linebacker
Elias Alvarez, Kelseyville, kicker
Ty Sutton, Fort Bragg, defensive lineman
Tyler Dore, Clear Lake, defensive back
Blake Leslie, Willits, quarterback
Robert Calderon, Lower Lake, linebacker
Alfio Basile, St. Helena, wide receiver/running back
Kono Geary, Lower Lake, wide receiver
Connor Armstrong, Middletown, quarterback

North Central League III

Most Valuable Player, Offense
Tony Pardini, Anderson Valley, junior

Most Valuable Player, Defense
Will Lemons, Anderson Valley, senior

First team
Cesar Soto, Anderson Valley, senior
Erin Perez, Anderson Valley, senior
Juan Pablo Segura, Anderson Valley, senior
Jonas Lane, Anderson Valley, senior
Alejandro Gutierrez, Anderson Valley, senior
Jared Johnston, Anderson Valley, senior
Ty Evenich, Tomales, senior
Lisandro Gutierrez, Tomales, senior
Cody Cissna, Point Arena, senior
Chris Waldie, Point Arena, senior
Michael Beard, Laytonville, senior
Paul Bartholow, Rincon Valley, junior
Tyler Hawkins, Rincon Valley, sophomore
Cooper Johnson, Potter Valley, senior
Raymond Gutierrez, Upper Lake, senior
Dre Santos, Upper Lake, junior
Issac Nevarez, Upper Lake, senior
Derek Pritchard, Upper Lake, junior
Dustin Anderson, Calistoga, senior
Toby Buckley, Calistoga, senior
Jorge Polanco, Calistoga, senior


North Central League I

Most Valuable Player
Victor Cacho, Kelseyville, junior

First team
Jorge Morales, Middletown, senior
Kevin Ontiveros, Cloverdale, senior
Alejandro Cara, Willits, senior
Efrain Santana, Lower Lake, senior
David Jimenez, St. Helena, senior
Enrique Cacho, Kelseyville, senior
Trevor Smith, Middletown, senior
Brenden Valador, Fort Bragg, senior
Giovanni Flores, Cloverdale, senior

Second team
Antonio Pimental, Lower Lake, senior
Erminio Mendez, Kelseyville, junior
Daniel Lopez, Middletown, senior
Angel Mex, Fort Bragg, sophomore
Mario Jimenez, Cloverdale, senior
Giovanni Ruiz, Kelseyville, senior
Victor Lopez, Middletown, junior
Diego Toscano, Fort Bragg, junior
Ricardo Covarrubias, Kelseyville, senior
Marco Rincon, Middletown, junior
Eduardo Castellanos, Kelseyville, senior
Juan Jacinto, Willits, junior

Honorable Mention
Elias Alvarez, Kelseyville, senior
Jonathan Wilson, Middletown, senior
Adrian Gauna, Fort Bragg, junior
Luis Rosales, Cloverdale, junior
Aiden Bertolino-Haley, Willits, junior
Luis Pelcastre, Lower Lake, senior
Paul Birebent, St. Helena, senior

North Central League II

Most Valuable Player
Adrian Garcia, Calistoga, senior

First team
Ivan Sanchez, Calistoga, junior
Oscar Espinoza, Calistoga, senior
Omar Vargas, Calistoga, senior
Enrique Sanchez, Roseland University Prep, senior
Kobe Carreno, Roseland University Prep, senior
Abraham Sanchez, Anderson Valley, senior
Fernando Ferreyra, Anderson Valley, senior
Isidro Tovar, Anderson Valley, junior
Conor Orton, St. Vincent, senior
Dave Sammon, St. Vincent, senior
Andreu Magana, Tomales, sophomore

Second team
Xavier Garibay, Calistoga, senior
Mariano Guzman, Calistoga, junior
Manny Sanchez, Roseland University Prep, senior
Diego Anguiano, Roseland University Prep, junior
Gerardo Torales, Anderson Valley, junior
Ulises Garcia, Anderson Valley, sophomore
Chris Montoya, St. Vincent, senior
Fernando Vaca, St. Vincent, junior
Jorge Hernandez, Tomales, junior
Alex Chavarria, Tomales, sophomore
Ricky DeSantiago, Tomales, junior

Honorable Mention
Juan Martinez, Calistoga, senior
Javier Solis, Roseland University Prep, sophomore
David Eligio, Anderson Valley, junior
Hugo Mendoza, St. Vincent, junior
Carson Skavdal, Tomales, sophomore

North Central League III

Co-Most Valuable Players
Tyler Candon, Sonoma Academy
Sergio Ruiz, Geyserville

First team
Liam Kolling, Sonoma Academy
Andrew Ashley, Sonoma Academy
Ryan Forberg, Sonoma Academy
Ulises Sanchez, Potter Valley
Jose Castro, Potter Valley
Raul Diaz, Geyserville
Alexis Carlino, Geyserville
Brian Rodriguez, Geyserville
David Bacerra-Lopez, Upper Lake
Alberto Lopez-Bacerra, Upper Lake

Second team
Giorgio Cassata, Sonoma Academy
Eduardo Garcia, Sonoma Academy
Gabe Grady, Sonoma Academy
Sebastian McCullough Sonoma Academy
Manuel Arzate, Geyserville
Ricky Diaz, Geyserville
Tyler Smith, Geyserville
Hailey Huey, Point Arena
Toni Zamora, Point Arena
Guillermo Moya, Technology High
Lorenzo Aguirre, Technology High

Honorable Mention
Remy Barbiero, Geyserville
Ramiro Arzate, Geyserville
Alberto Solano, Upper Lake

Compiled by Lori A. Carter, The Press Democrat. Note: All-league teams are selected by coaches. The all-league teams for SCL golf and tennis and NBL and SCL cross country will be published once The Press Democrat obtains those lists.

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