The Oakland Raiders clearly didn’t bring Marshawn Lynch back to his hometown just to be a publicity stunt.

According to Sheil Kapadia of ESPN, Lynch’s contract has $7.5 million worth of performance-based bonuses based on rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, making the playoffs, making the Pro Bowl and even earning regular-season MVP or Super Bowl MVP honors.

Of that $7.5 million in bonuses, $5.5 million can be earned in 2017 while the remaining $2 million can be earned in 2018.

Here’s how the bonuses for next season break down, according to ESPN:

$400,000 — Rush for 500 yards.

$400,000 — Rush for 600 yards.

$600,000 — Rush for 800 yards.

$600,000 — Rush for 1,000 yards.

$250,000 — Rush for 1,100, 1,200, 1,300, 1,400, 1,500, 1,600 yards (hitting each mark nets Lynch the $250,000 bonus).

$250,000 — Score nine rushing touchdowns.

$250,000 — Score 12 rushing touchdowns.

$500,000 — Raiders make the playoffs, score 12 rushing touchdowns and rush for 1,000 yards.

$250,000 — Make the Pro Bowl and participate in the game.

$250,000 — Named MVP by The Associated Press.

$500,000 — Named Super Bowl MVP.

Lynch didn’t participate much in the team’s first week of OTAs, but he did attend them. He practiced a bit more during the second week, but was still limited overall, according to Offensive tackle Donald Penn told The Bee’s Matt Kawahara that Lynch’s presence is “bringing a lot of energy here and a lot of momentum.”

Lynch, an Oakland native, signed a two-year, $9 million deal with the Raiders with $2.3 million guaranteed in late April. If Lynch hits all of his incentives, his contract has a maximum value of $16.5 million.

Lynch did not play football last season after retiring from the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.