Missing in sports

EDITOR: I am curious about diminished coverage of local sports events in The Press Democrat.

Our Sonoma Stompers had a rousing home opener last week and I found not one word of coverage or a line score for this successful local baseball team.

Additionally, I am consistently puzzled why their is no line item for our Bay Area’s MLS soccer team, the San Jose Earthquakes, in the “Coming Up” graphic for sports teams.

I see more coverage of Barcelona or Manchester United in Europe than our local soccer team. I wonder why?

Alan Schackman, Santa Rosa

More cycling coverage

EDITOR: Is it because they wouldn’t send the Tour of California through our county that The Press Democrat blocked out nearly all mention of the the tour?

I note that the sports section is one half of the “news” we get, but you may not know there are a few struggling folks out here who do not get our “news” from television but who are nevertheless rather fond of knowing about some of the highlights of bicycle racing.

You might also remember that Santa Rosa has some of the world’s top contenders in the sport. Maybe next time you could at least show us a map showing the race before it starts.

Lamont Langworthy, Graton

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