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Owners Mark and Terri Stark hope to open on Oct. 8, exactly one year since the wildfires began.
Out of the diminutive kitchen of the newest Old Courthouse Square eatery is a lineup of stunning dishes that include coconut curried cauliflower with harissa, a fried chicken sandwich and yellowtail ceviche. There’s also an unforgettable burger that’s just become our new favorite.
Pliny the Younger, cheese and wine, crab feeds, and more to delight your palate in this week's food happenings.
'We are connecting with women at an intimate level, with small parties where they can ask questions,' says Garden Society CEO Erin Gore, a Santa Rosa marijuana edibles company.
If the end of cannabis prohibition in California has you ‘canna-curious,’ here are some terms you should know.
Though Kitchen 335 in Healdsburg is a restaurant that’s still finding itself, there are a handful of dishes that make the restaurant worth a try.
After hearing of the fire devastation, a father and son checked on their Fountaingrove neighbors, shooting video of the fire behind firelines as they rode through the neighborhood.
Julie Golden used to provide quality meat from her ranch near Ukiah to some of the area’s finest restaurants. Then she decided to open her own, the Golden Pig.
Fighting pushback from food truck foes, El Roy’s is now a local favorite, and has even been voted the best food truck in Sonoma County.
‘People make it in a day, but you really can’t if you do it right,’ said Octavio Diaz, owner of Agave Mexican and upcoming Kitchen 335 in Healdsburg.
The newly opened salumeria is every bit as luxurious as its nearby restaurant and tasting room comrades that line Healdsburg’s streets.
Owners the Chandi Hospitality Group announced plans to start an Indian food restaurant in the same Fourth Street location.
More than just a barbecue spot, Brewster’s has become the go-to beer garden for Petaluma families.
A wave of feast-worthy eats is hitting the roads to bring food directly to your face. Here are some of our favorites and where to find them.
Tony’s Seafood Restaurant owned by three generations of the Konatich family, closed in January when brothers Anton and John retired.
'We just want this to be an environment where people can make connections and friendships, no matter who they are,' says Alisse Cottle, who owns Brew, a popular Santa Rosa coffee shop and taproom, with partner Jessica Borrayo.
Susan and Jeff Mall, former owners of Healdsburg’s Zin restaurant, have turned their passion to lovingly handmade chocolates at Volo Chocolate in Windsor.
The Bay Area vegan cheesemaker, Miyoko’s Kitchen, recently released VeganButter, a cultured cashew and coconut oil “butter” that can be spread, melted, or used in baking just like butter.
Check out more than a dozen local restaurants that have survived generations, some stretching back more than a century.
Marijuana described as 'Skittles from the vending machine at a high school football game' was awarded top honors at the 13th annual Emerald Cup. See what else won.
Twelve of the winners were newcomers to the list, including Wine Country’s SHED, Bravas and Two Birds/One Stone.
Chef Olenka Orjeda leads the way through a meal at Petaluma’s new Quinua Cucina Peruana.
Delhi Belly is a departure from ho-hum Indian food and a dive into the rich, fragrant, exotic flavors of a distant land.
Bruce Frieseke and Ben Davies have teamed up to open County Bench Kitchen + Bar, an upscale 'New American' eatery in downtown Santa Rosa. Here's what not to miss.
Follow the 2-mile journey of the pattypan squash, from a seed on a small farm in Sebastopol to the soon-to-be Handline Restaurant.