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The driver was arrested for suspected drunken driving after crashing with a police officer.
A group of at least five juveniles reportedly robbed two men of pot, car keys and a vehicle at Los Robles Park.
Night roadwork will close parts of Highway 116 in and around Sebastopol at various times over the next two weeks.
Cold air and rainfall were expected to drop snow levels around California.
A Windsor man’s plan to open a gun store and training center in downtown Healdsburg has sparked a discussion on land-use rules.
Wet weather has lured endangered Coho salmon back upstream to spawn in the Lagunitas Creek watershed.
Park managers are eager to provide access to unburned reaches of two popular county and state parks above Sonoma Valley.
The Dungeness crab harvest moves north of the Sonoma-Mendocino county line Monday amid whale migration season.
More than 3,000 homeowners in Sonoma County fire zones have been warned to be on alert for rain-related risks in the aftermath of wildfires.
LeRoy and Donna Halburs led a life dedicated to community service, guided by their Catholic faith.
With a ready smile and the heart of an activist, Marnie Schwartz devoted her professional life to teaching English as a second language.
Tak-fu Hung, 101, beloved patriarch, of a large Chinese-American family, witnessed political, cultural and social revolutions in two continents.
The Mendocino County brother and sister had big dreams for their futures. Their family has suffered an unimaginable loss.
Sonoma County supervisors are hoping to curb rising homelessness in the Guerneville area with new projects.
Testing shows Dungeness crab caught north of Sonoma County aren’t yet meaty enough for commercial harvest.
Samples of Sonoma County creek water taken after the Tubbs fire appear to show that pollution control measures are working.
Sonoma County park managers say visitors can once again enjoy the trails and views at the 850-acre park near Windsor.
The decision by state Fish and Game commissioners is a blow to abalone hunters and a host of North Coast businesses that rely upon their patronage. It was the best option to conserve a crashing fishery, experts said.
A Santa Rosa anesthesiologist and his family have now lost two homes to devastating California wildfires.
'There's so many people who find real joy in abalone fishing, and we hate to shut it down. That's a given,' says state Fish and Game Commission President Eric Sklar, but that's what officials are recommending due to dwindling stocks.
The Sonoma County Water Agency took emergency action Saturday afternoon to breach the mouth of the Russian River after the estuary waters came dangerously close to spilling into town.
Unless the river naturally breaches the sandbar this weekend, the water level could flood the shoreline visitor center and Highway 1 in town.
Opponents seek to block plans to harvest timber from Sonoma County hills above a critical refuge for coho salmon and steelhead trout.
'I thought because of the fire, we’d be slower,' said local tree lot owner Mark Lazzini. 'It was kind of scary. But everybody wants to get Christmas going.'
'The fire effects that we’re seeing are across a full spectrum,' says Melanie Parker, natural resources manager for Sonoma County Regional Parks. 'It’s really fascinating to get out there. It’s not all heartbreak.'