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Santa Rosa signed off on the $447 million budget Tuesday as it faces sharply higher fire recovery costs that far exceed the revenues needed to pay for them.
The city has added new interactive features to its rebuilding website, from rules on setbacks to drone footage, in an effort to make the site a one-stop shop for residents rebuilding from the October wildfires.
Glen Ghilotti threw himself into post-fire aid and construction work after the October disaster. He died unexpectedly Sunday while on a road trip.
The spending represents the city’s most aggressive step since the end of redevelopment efforts in 2012 to directly address the housing crisis by spurring the construction of new affordable housing.
Supervisor Lynda Hopkins’ family donated the Nigerian dwarf goats, which lasted all of two days at Santa Rosa's Bayer Farm.
If approved next month, the measure would be paired with a Santa Rosa-only affordable housing bond.
River otters are making a comeback in Sonoma County and across the Bay Area thanks in part to improved water quality and habitat restoration projects, according to ecologists.
The east Santa Rosa community celebrated the opening of six pickleball courts this week, ending a bitter dispute.
The effort was the largest debris removal project in the California since the 1906 earthquake.
Faced with opposition from ag and business groups, supporters of a $300 million housing recovery bond now say a Santa Rosa-only measure makes more sense.
If the utility is found liable for the October wildfires, it may argue governments share responsibility for the damage because of the 'inadequacy' of the local fire response and preparations.
The 68-year-old man was driving on Todd Road Thursday when for unknown reasons, he drove through activated, flashing crossing arms just as a SMART train was traveling through the intersection.
Authorities don't know why a delivery truck driver plowed through SMART crossing arms south of Santa Rosa Thursday, slamming into a train carrying 47 passengers and three crew members.
Mayor Chris Coursey says the carrier “ran roughshod” over neighborhoods when it installed “small cell” wireless gear on utility poles.
Video from one of the buses used to evacuate residents from a Fountaingrove care center depicts their narrow escape from the inferno.
A city-funded survey is asking people how they feel about city services and the prospect of raising taxes to support them.
The City Council on Tuesday will take another look at Verizon’s plan to install cellular antennas on streetlights. The more unsightly and concerning equipment for some residents has mostly been installed.
The city will pay $25,000 to California River Watch to avoid lawsuit over habitat management.
Although its electrical system suffered less damage than infrastructure in other fire-ravaged areas, rebuilding in the Fountaingrove neighborhood continues to lag behind other parts of Santa Rosa.
The inaugural event seeks to highlight lesser-known parts of the city.
The City Council backed away from a move to make housing easier to build throughout the city.
The City Council called an election for July 17 to decide whether to form a special downtown assessment district.
A poll by The Press Democrat shows 62 percent of voters support a $300 million housing bond proposed for the November ballot, shy of the two-thirds needed to pass it. Critics call the poll “incredibly misleading.”
The benzene levels in Fountaingrove’s water mains have dropped so low that officials hope full system replacement may not be needed.
Green bike lanes, red bus lanes and now colorful floral designs aim to make Santa Rosa streets safer.