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The 21-year-old man was struck three times by the five Rohnert Park officers who fired at him late Sunday, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.
The man was booked into jail on suspicion of the alleged assaults, which for one victim began when she was 10 years old.
Officials were suspicious of the pair's claim of construction equipment lost in the Sulphur fire.
Residents on Dutton Avenue in Santa Rosa 'sheltered in place' for a SWAT operation during the tense eight-hour-long incident Thursday.
The calf appears to have fallen through old wood covering up a well in the middle of a field.
Detectives found a 75-plant harvested grow site and 160 pounds of loose and packaged processed marijuana at their Clearlake Oaks home.
The Monday evening fire, not far from an area that burned in October, destroyed three rooms of the house.
Of more than 3,200 fire victims who FEMA said were eligible to be considered for temporary public housing, just 189 said they needed it.
The state authorized a new agreement Friday with the Burlingame-based company ECC to advance the cleanup without delay, despite protests filed by a company that lost out on a federal contract to remove fire debris.
The Monte Rio man was arrested following an investigation that began in October when a teenager said he was the victim of lewd acts.
Government contractors had to halt plans this week to ramp up their removal of debris from the October wildfires after federal officials received formal challenges to two contracts.
Grant Davis has stepped down from the top job at the state Department of Water Resources to return to his former job at the Sonoma County Water Agency.
James Gore said Sonoma County government must confront a ‘new normal’ after October’s devastating fires.
Local officials unveiled commemorative coins created for the men and women who defended the county against its worst natural disaster.
The season's first significant storm brought 2 inches of rain to downtown Santa Rosa but no major problems.
The two early Sunday fires caused a combined total of about $70,000 in damage.
The early morning Sunday crash occurred in south Santa Rosa.
The Army Corps of Engineers awarded the cleanup contract in Sonoma County to ECC, a Burlingame-based company.
Simon sold its half of the mall to Codding Enterprises, which had retained the other half of the business for the last 12 years, for an unknown price.
The county waived permit fees for the reconstruction of fire-destroyed homes, but reversed course when it threatened federal monies.
George Chaney and Edward Stone had a long and fruitful relationship spanning homes in San Francisco, Napa Valley and Palm Springs as well as travels abroad.
St. Vincent de Paul Sonoma County wanted to get the shelter open before Christmas, but the nonprofit found that navigating government approvals took longer than expected.
One driver allegedly registered a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.
So many came to the Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise event diners had to eat on folding chairs after tables filled up.
The fire department found a furnace producing dangerously high levels of the gas in a complex where three of four units had no carbon monoxide alarms.