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Scant details have been released about Sunday’s night’s Rohnert Park officer-involved shooting where an armed man was wounded.
eHarmony led its customers into long-term commitments with its online dating service without proper consent, a group of government attorneys said.
A gunman shot and seriously wounded two men Wednesday morning in Napa in separate incidents in Napa, including one at a Starbucks, before being arrested by police.
Mark Essick has secured endorsements from current Sheriff Rob Giordano and three county supervisors in his bid to become sheriff.
A man who fired shots in front of the Rohnert Park police station Sunday night and demanded officers kill him was shot and wounded by an officer after an 80-minute standoff in the city plaza.
A reader's car got towed after leaving it at a restaurant after drinking too much.
Sonoma County law enforcement can arrest people for driving high even with no set chemical limit for marijuana impairment.
The man died after slamming into tree off Highway 101 in Santa Rosa over the weekend.
A man died Saturday night after flipping an ATV on a Chapman Lane property outside Petaluma.
The fire appears to have started inside the airplane for reasons still under investigation, officials say.
One of the two men behind the 2014 heist from The French Laundry was sentenced Tuesday to 3 years in prison.
Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan said Sonoma County's immigration policy led to the death of a Santa Rosa woman at the hands of her undocumented boyfriend.
CrimeBeat Q&A: I just purchased a pistol. How do I get a concealed carry license in Sonoma County?
A 35-year-old Napa man was arrested in Petaluma with loaded weapons in his car on Christmas Day.
Santa Rosa police will conduct a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint at an undisclosed location Friday.
Prosecutors have charged a Las Vegas man with murder in the death of his wife, even though he is not believed to have fired any shots during the hourlong standoff in Ukiah.
In addition, Santa Rosa police made 74 DUI arrests between Nov. 22 and Jan. 2.
Santa Rosa could see up to 3 inches of rain, while coastal hills could get 4 inches.
A cigarette thrown into trash can causes $25,000 in damage at Santa Rosa apartment.
A 35-year-old Napa man was arrested in Petaluma with loaded weapons in his car on Christmas Day.
The father provided Santa Rosa police with hundreds of Snapchat messages between the man and his daughter.
The driver told police she didn't see the man until he was in her headlights.
Santa Rosa police closed eastbound lanes of Guerneville Road for roughly two hours Wednesday afternoon after a man stopped his car in the roadway and killed himself with a shotgun, authorities said.
A Marin County resident was arrested on suspicion of robbing Petaluma Grocery Outlet.
The 911 call reported the carnage on Guerneville Road near the Laguna Road intersection.