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Young Randy Moss was virtually unstoppable, but his years in Oakland and SF make that hard to recall.
The Raiders' new defensive coordinator must build on improvements John Pagano brought last season.
The Giants might have been better off blowing up their roster, but this new guy should be a lot of fun.
Fans want a long-term contract, but it makes more sense for the 49ers to franchise-tag Garoppolo.
The Bay Area teams were floundering 10 weeks ago, but Garoppolo and Gruden have sparked a renaissance.
The philosophy in SF has been to improve through the farm system, but that hasn’t worked lately.
Enthusiasm doesn't win football games, but it's a start, and the new Raiders coach delivers it in bulk.
Hiring Jon Gruden as head coach is a bold move, but his massive salary is an affront to Oakland fans.
The coach will return to Oakland with a reputation as a QB guru, but his track record is mixed.
The coming year promises Vegas vs. the Raiders, Trump vs. Garoppolo and Andre Ward vs. an orangutan.
The setbacks in Daniel Southard’s life showed off his most outstanding trait: perseverance, according to his son.
The Warriors-Cavaliers officiating crew got the calls wrong, but the NBA system gets it right.
It was the lanky forward who led the Warriors to another win against Cleveland on Christmas Day.
The 49ers CEO is creeping back into the good graces of fans, thanks to his team’s on-field turnaround.
The Bay Area had only one topic of discussion Monday, and it was the 49ers’ dashing new quarterback.
Del Rio’s team has been hardened by weeks of crucial games, and they’ve got one more in Kansas City.
Del Rio’s and Shanahan’s teams are moving in opposite directions.
Steve Kerr's defensive-minded team is on pace to threaten the all-time NBA record for blocked shots.
Raiders and 49ers players reveal their favorite routines and what they may be planning for that big TD.
Jack Del Rio and Derek Carr vowed to cut loose against the Cowboys, but attitude was never the problem with this team.
The Raiders are better off when they and their fans aren’t buying into conspiracy theories.
The Warriors have been tinkering like crazy with their lineups and that bodes well for the playoffs.
Stanford's explosive halfback will be a challenge for Cal this weekend.
The Raiders head coach and his top assistants, Downing and Norton, are facing blame for a 4-6 record.
Sunday would have been a perfect day to change quarterbacks, but Shanahan is sticking with Beathard.