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Athletes such as the Giants' Gregor Blanco and Gorkys Hernandez are sending prayers — and money — back home.
Reggie McKenzie addressed the media Friday, but we all know Jon Gruden will have the last word on draft day.
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The Spurs power forward was sensational in Game 2, but he’s the only guy Golden State must worry about.
The cornerback’s rage may sometimes be directed at teammates — and that’s a good thing.
Santa Rosa native took a strange route to his MLB coaching debut, and he’s making the most of it.
The "Conference of Champions" didn't make it out of the first round of the men's tournament.
Steve Kerr lets his players loosen up for a couple days, and his depleted lineup responds with a victory.
Patrick "Packie" Turner, a trainer from Fort Bragg, got a break from Steph Curry and now has a growing NBA clientele.
As a recent Warriors game showed, the Raiders owner has the humility to make this remarriage work.
From the crimes of Smith and Miller to Kaepernick's protest to Culliver's homophobia, it's been a wild ride.
Curry's injury may not prove to be a catastrophe. But it's not a great omen.
Every year, teams insist they value football over measurements. Every year, they prove otherwise.
David Griffin, the man who constructed the Cavaliers’ NBA championship team, is living in our midst.
Three years after Sonoma's Deets Winslow died in a boating accident, his son is fulfilling his wrestling destiny.
As the accusations against him escalate, we could really use some answers from the 49ers linebacker.
The FBI is threatening to take down college basketball, but it picked the wrong targets.
Limiting mound visits won't help as long as baseball fails to connect with younger, diverse fans.
The Winter Games are less than compelling. Let’s liven them up by poaching some sports from the summer.
Which of the issues nagging at Golden State this year are legitimate worries, and which are harmless?
Instead of watching the ball, I watched the Warriors' two-time MVP for their entire game against the Thunder. Here's what he did.
The Warriors coach gets No. 250 against mentor Gregg Popovich, in the same arena where Popovich got his.
The key to the Giants' season might be their closer's surgically repaired forearm.
Loyalty is wonderful, but a cold-hearted analysis favors the Patriots QB.