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Most of those warned of the firestorm found out from friends, family members and neighbors, according to The Press Democrat Poll.
Casa Grande's Gaucho Gazette student newspaper won the most awards of any high school in the annual contest celebrated Monday at The Press Democrat printing facility in Rohnert Park.
The bulk of the fundraising reported so far has come from two candidates: Deva Marie Proto and Ray Leonard.
The Press Democrat Poll revealed the three-way race for Sonoma County sheriff will likely be decided in a November runoff.
The governor’s proposed budget now includes a waiver for Northern California governments’ share of the cleanup costs stemming from the October wildfires.
Now that it has received a key funding approval from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, the developer expects to break ground on the tiny home village in early July.
Sonoma County was in a housing hole before the fires, and the long-term shortfall may be as many as 30,000 units.
At least 1,400 homes could be built on the Sonoma County government campus if the Board of Supervisors decides to move the county offices to downtown Santa Rosa.
'We have to be very, very guarded on what we do,' Thompson said in an interview Friday with The Press Democrat. 'If the Democrats come out with every wild idea possible, that’s going to truncate our majority longevity.'
Two companies are leading rebuild projects in Larkfield and Sonoma County is rolling out sewer connections in a neighborhood badly damaged by the October wildfires.
'What are people doing? ... You’re working to make a living and people are going around stealing stuff,' said Jesus Garcia, one of those who had thousands of dollars in equipment stolen.
The first homes on burned lots started going up in Larkfield, residents are planning joint-rebuilding efforts and a series of community meetings highlighted recovery challenges as Little League teams returned to ballfields. Here’s a recap of key events in greater Mark West area in March.
Deva Marie Proto, the chief deputy clerk recorder, who oversaw the launch of the new website, said Sonoma County is 'on the leading edge.'
Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom pressed for stronger state action on homelessness and housing in an interview Friday with The Press Democrat’s editorial board.
Supporters hope the bond measure can be used to spur new housing development in the region and leverage additional state and federal money. It would be separate from a $4 billion housing bond on the statewide ballot.
Closing the county’s housing shortfall could prove impossible if government-spearheaded projects can’t break ground. A look at three of the largest developments reveals the many obstacles.
Sonoma County may need to cut some jobs from its 4,000-member workforce in the coming months due in part to the severe financial strain from the October wildfires as well as unrelated budgetary challenges in some departments, officials said Monday.
The festival used to signal the start of the commercial fishing season but for the third straight year opening is delayed.
Giordano’s comments Tuesday came as he participated in the county’s first annual forum required by a 2016 state law to update the public about ICE’s access to local immigrants.
It’s unclear how much Sonoma County and others in the region will receive from the federal grants, which nationwide totaled nearly $28 billion, the largest outlay for disaster assistance in HUD history.
A county lawyer offered the new April 19 date in a memo Friday to U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria, who in a hearing in San Francisco the day before had directed county housing officials to consider postponing the closure of the Roseland tent village by three weeks.
The man was racing his customized 1976 Ford Pinto when he crashed Wednesday night.
County officials wanted to start shutting down the Roseland tent village Tuesday, but attorneys representing encampment residents and their advocates sued last week to block the move.
Andrew Crowningshield admitted he used a handgun to shoot and kill the mother of his young child after she pulled over Feb. 4 along southbound Highway 1.
The areas burned by the October wildfires appeared to have held on so far, with no major mudslides or debris flows reported, though a more intense deluge was anticipated overnight.