Special Coverage: Remembering The Summer Of Love

Experience the days of free living and free love in Sonoma County, and learn about two local communes' psychedelic rise and fall.
We asked readers to share their memories of the historic summer and found that the passage of 50 years has added perspective to many of their tales.
The vintage vehicle was lovingly decorated by Donna Huggins of San Rafael. It’s still a major hit at car shows.
When we asked our readers, 'Were you there for the Summer of Love?' some responded with their own stories from that historic time.
We asked the question: were you there for the Summer of Love? And readers answered, sharing candid memories and captured moments from 50 years ago. Here are some of the responses we received.
1967 was the Summer of Love in San Francisco, but what was everyone else doing? Here is what was going on in Sonoma County.
Five decades ago, a small group of hippie zealots worked feverishly in an old Windsor farmhouse to create Orange Sunshine, an especially pure form of LSD that would become one of the iconic drugs of the late '60s.