Special Coverage: Jack London Centennial

The 100th anniversary of the author's death was marked Tuesday at Jack London State Historic Park.
From stories of romance and adventure to explorations of slum life and heroic quests, these 10 novels by Jack London touched his readers the most.
In our present era undergoing dramatic social change, Jack London’s fight for the working class still rings loud and clear.
Mark your calendar for dozens of happenings to enjoy at the Glen Ellen state park, now through the end of this year.
Jack London didn’t “invent” Sonoma County. However, he chose it as the only permanent home he ever had. So, how did he find this place and what kept him coming back?
Jack London still draws ardent fans and scholars whose fascination for his writings, politics and magnetic persona, as well as the many mysteries around his birth, his life and his death can border on obsession.
Jack London’s interest in becoming a good farmer led to a friendship with Santa Rosa horticulturist Luther Burbank.
Ardent followers travel from around the globe to explore the hangouts and environs of the revered writer.
The warm hills of Sonoma Mountain was home to many others before Jack London knit together his 1,500-acre Beauty Ranch.
A prolific photographer, author Jack London is reported to have taken more than 12,000 photos between 1900 to 1916. Here are a few of those photos.
The many unique adventures in Jack London’s early life enriched his stories and largely shaped the man he became
Learn more about Jack London in this timeline of his remarkable life and legacy.
The 1,400-acre paradise in Glen Ellen holds the magnificent ruins of Jack London’s mansion, a stone museum to learn about the author’s life, 29 miles of trails, live performances under the stars and more.
Famed author Jack London wrote often about his ranch and other Sonoma County locations. Here are a few excerpts about specific places.
In 1941, a parade of celebrities embarked on the small town of Sonoma to see Jack London’s “The Sea Wolf,” come to life at the Sebastiani Theatre.