Special Coverage: Napa Earthquake

Now that the stories about the quake's aftermath are all but gone, the behind-the-scenes cleanup continues for dozens of wineries.
The Obama administration approved disaster funding for individuals and families in Napa and Solano counties to help rebuild and repair after the August 6.0 shaker.
Emergency service officials announced Monday that long-awaited disaster assistance will be made available to individuals and households affected by August’s Napa earthquake.
Three Sonoma County chefs created imaginative foods out of unperishables found in the average earthquake kit.
A woman sees art in the broken remnants of the Napa earthquake, sparking a community mosaic project.
New estimates put the Sonoma County’s total between $4.4 and $5.3 million, officials reported Tuesday.
The disaster declaration by President Obama Thursday opens up federal money for government recovery efforts in Napa and Solano counties, including repairs to roads, bridges and damaged buildings. Funding for residents depends on ongoing surveys.
Her children, still stunned, are using their loss to urge others in similar circumstances to ensure that loved ones seek immediate medical care any time there's a head injury.
A 65-year-old Napa woman who suffered a head injury when a television struck her during last month's earthquake has died.
The Napa County wine industry suffered at least $83 million in damages as a result of the Aug. 24 earthquake, according to an analysis published Tuesday by Silicon Valley Bank.
Wine industry officials concede they caught a huge break during the August shaker because it occurred during the overnight shift and many barrels were empty.
One exception to business getting back to normal in Napa is the Uptown Theatre, which had to cancel five upcoming shows.
At least three creeks have seen flows increase dramatically since the Aug. 24 earthquake, a phenomenon also seen in Santa Rosa during past temblors.
Emerging data on last month's 6.0 magnitude earthquake shows it directed most of its force north toward Napa and the Napa Valley.
A magnitude-3.0 shaker struck near American Canyon before dawn Thursday.
Unreinforced masonry buildings still exist in Sonoma County and across California, decades after a state law required cities and counties to address the hazard.
One square block in Napa illuminates a stark portrait of the benefits of bringing buildings up to current seismic standards, as well as the potential downside of not doing so.
All that Santa Rosans who remember the 1969 earthquakes can offer Napa is the suggestion that their town, specifically downtown, will never be the same again.
Government officials revealed the quake has caused $4.5 million in damages to private businesses and residences in Sonoma County.
A cautionary yet optimistic tone was set in Napa Valley on Friday heading into Labor Day weekend, the traditional kickoff for the harvest tourism season in Wine Country, less than a week after a magnitude-6.0 earthquake shook the region.