Coronavirus Numbers

Vaccinating Sonoma County

Coronavirus vaccines are now being distributed in Sonoma County. Vaccines, many of which are administered in two doses, are being given according to the county's distribution plan, with healthcare workers and first responders being inoculated first, followed by vulnerable populations. For more information, see the county's timeline here. Below is a look at the county’s current progress on vaccinations.

These numbers are updated daily from the state tracking system.

Tracking Vaccine Distribution

Sonoma County releases information on vaccine distribution including by location, age, gender and race. These numbers are updated daily

Vaccinations by ZIP Code
Click on each ZIP Code for more information

Getting Vaccinated

Individuals who are eligible to be vaccinated should first contact their health-care provider or primary care physician for information on how they can receive a vaccine or to make an appointment

  • Kaiser members should contact their primary care provider here or contact the Kaiser appointment or advice line to determine their eligibility and schedule an appointment.
  • Eligible individuals who receive primary care through Sutter Health should contact Sutter or call (844) 987-6115.
  • Eligible individuals who receive their primary care through St. Joseph Health system should contact St. Joseph to schedule an appointment.
  • Eligible individuals whose primary care provider is through a medical clinic will have an opportunity to be vaccinated through one of a number of clinics being set up through the County Health department. Check back for scheduling information.
  • Eligible individuals who do not have insurance, should check back for updates as plans are underway for all of Sonoma County.

Reopening Sonoma County

To loosen restrictions on the activities in Sonoma County, we need to meet certain goals set by the state. Both of these numbers, new cases per 100,000 population and test positivity rate need to be inside a certain "Tier" to allow more reopening. The county needs to keep their numbers inside the lower tier for two weeks to open up more activity. For more information, see California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy page.

These numbers are updated every Tuesday when the county reports them to the state and the decision is made if the county should ease or increase restrictions.

Tracking Sonoma County

Local data provided by Sonoma County showing the number of active cases in the county.

New COVID-19 Cases

One measure of progress is the number of new cases of COVID-19. Unchecked, infections will increase exponentially in the community with the number of newly diagnosed cases being larger each day. As social distancing and other containment measures begin to show results, the number of new cases will flatten out and eventually decline.

COVID-19 Charts

This chart shows the growth of COVID-19 cases in Sonoma County, starting with the first reported case in early March. Hover your cursor over any part of the graph for more information about that date or grouping.

These charts show data from other parts of the country and world for comparison of rates of infection and recovery (Note: state data does not currently include recovered counts)

National Map

This map shows the number of new cases in each county in the United States. Hover over a county for more details. You can zoom in and out using the '+' and '-' buttons at the right and can drag the zoomed map with your cursor.

World Map

This map shows the number of infections for each country around the world. Hover over a country for more details. You can zoom in and out using the '+' and '-' buttons at the right and drag the zoomed map with your cursor. Note: This shows total infections per country so more populous nations are going to show higher numbers for the same level of infection.

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