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A Press Democrat reader compares gun registration with voter registration, and more.|

Real and fake problems

EDITOR: Have you given thought to the irony inherent in requiring registration to exercise two “rights” guaranteed by the Constitution — voting and gun possession?

The Heritage Foundation lists 1,317 cases of verified voter fraud dating back to 1962, roughly 22 per year. They use this to support the need for stringent registration requirements to exercise each person’s “right” to vote. So far in 2021 there have been at least 74 killings in mass shooting incidents. Yet we don’t impose any substantial registration requirements to exercise the “right” to own a gun. Votes don’t kill people, guns kill people.

Let’s have our legislators, representatives and senators alike solve a problem that does exist (gun violence) rather than impose severe restrictions on one that doesn’t (voter fraud).



Ironic placement

EDITOR: The irony or chutzpah is breathtaking. On Page 1 of the April 16 edition is an article describing a Pubilc Utilities Commission reprimand of PG&E for neglecting maintenance of the grid, causing several wildfires in Sonoma and surrounding counties (“Regulators blast PG&E for neglect”). The story continued on Page A7, right next to a “Notice of evidentiary hearing for Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s request to increase rates for the wildfire expense memorandum account (A.20-02-004).” Why am I not surprised?



A moral obligation

EDITOR: It will nice to be free of the long-running Afghanistan War, but as a result of encouraging Afghan women to participate in society, we are about to stab them in the back. As they got educated and made greater contributions to their society, they also incurred the enmity of the Taliban and other Islamic fundamentalists. Some have already been murdered. Once we leave, they’ll be forced back into the home and only allowed outside in the company of a male. Except for the ones who will be killed immediately.

The U.S. has a moral obligation to allow the emigration of as many Afghan women and other supporters to the U.S. as possible. We must adjust the quota of Afghans who are allowed to immigrate to as many as are willing to make the effort. Otherwise, we are responsible for their deaths.



Deflecting blame

EDITOR: The Press Democrat’s April 16 editorial (“Windsor’s verdict: Foppoli must go”) deflected blame when two years ago the paper squashed a story of an up-and-coming superstar now accused of rape and drugging women. It takes nerve for the paper to ignore accusations, then publish an editorial deflecting blame.

Over two years ago, the newspaper ignored reporter Alexandria Bordas’ information about Dominic Foppoli. If Bordas had not left The Press Democrat, taking her story to the San Francisco Chronicle, Foppoli wouldn’t have been exposed.

Shame on The Press Democrat’s editorial board for deflecting blame. Shame on The Press Democrat for taking no responsibility for its part in protecting an accused rapist, then endorsing the same person for mayor of Windsor. Women deserve better.



Cannabis and water

EDITOR: The ad on the back page of the front section of the April 4 paper nailed the cannabis explosion in our county. In the 1970s we complained about vineyards taking over pear and walnut orchards to no avail; money speaks. Our water table dropped and some wells were affected, but new dams and reservoirs helped control the reduction. Have we forgotten?

The proposal to open 60,000 acres to cannabis would severely affect our water supply, which is unacceptable, let alone the odious smell and, of course, the probable crime increase. Look at our reservoirs vanishing water levels and tell us it is OK to let the unquenchable cannabis fields take the remaining water. We are once again moving rapidly into a drought situation with water rationing to follow. Cannabis fields will impact severally everyone’s water.

Is this probable impact on all residents truly worth the implied tax money to the county? I can think of no other reason for approval. This old codger asks the supervisors to please reject this ordinance.


Santa Rosa

Experience and ethics

EDITOR: Given the current chaos in Windsor, it is important to elect Jeff Leasure in the special election on May 4. We need to elect a person to the Town Council who has a track record of management experience and a reputation for maintaining high ethical standards. For these reasons, I am recommending a vote for Leasure.

He has served on the Windsor Planning Commission, the redevelopment oversight committee, the Chamber of Commerce and the Windsor Unified School District bond oversight committee. He understands how government is supposed to work and how a community should manage its finances in the best possible manner for the citizens.

Leasure is committed to making Windsor a great place for its citizens to live. He wants to keep the small town atmosphere and bring accountability back to Windsor’s government. On May 4, vote for Jeff Leasure for Town Council.



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