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Vaccination plans

EDITOR: I couldn’t agree more with Elisabeth Rosenthal (“The vaccine rollout has been a nightmare,” Jan. 2). As she notes, much fault lies with the federal government, which, despite the speedy vaccine development, has failed thus far in meeting its targets for distribution.

But why can we not do better in Sonoma County? After a lengthy search on the county’s website, I could find only a plan of vague generalities submitted to the state, no details or current updates about distribution for the upcoming Phase 1B, and some disparities between state and county targeted populations for that phase.

The county is asking a lot of its residents. Don’t we deserve information and transparency in return, especially if our shared goal is vanquishing the coronavirus through smooth vaccine distribution without waste or line jumping?



No evidence, no case

EDITOR: Jim Haberkorn complains that courts refused to even hear claims of voter fraud because he doesn’t understand how cases get heard (“Ducking the evidence,” Letters, Dec. 27). To have your case heard, you must allege facts that, if proven, could entitle you to relief. The parties claiming voter fraud were not able even to do that because, contrary to the fervent wishes of Donald Trump’s supporters, there was no significant voter fraud. Thus, there was nothing to “hear.” The courts rightfully dismissed the complaints.



Trump’s silence

EDITOR: Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump has been criticizing just about everyone, including Mitch McConnell, who may have acknowledged that Joe Biden won the election. Yet not a peep out of Trump criticizing Vladimir Putin after Putin sent his congratulations to Biden. When you add to that that Trump’s own secretary of state has acknowledged that Russia hacked our intelligence, and Trump has refused to go along with the evidence, you have to wonder if Putin doesn’t have something that allows him to manipulate Trump at will.


Santa Rosa

Tracking vaccinations

EDITOR: I suggest we need two new statistics added to The Press Democrat’s daily COVID report: vaccination doses received in Sonoma County and vaccination injections in Sonoma County. From what I read, it seems that lives depend on distributing the vaccines as quickly as possible, and in the first few weeks of vaccinations there were huge variations nationally in the efficiency of distribution. How did Sonoma County do? I have no idea. Accountability requires transparency. We need to know.


Santa Rosa

Undermining Newsom

EDITOR: What short memories columnist George Skelton and The Press Democrat have as they covertly (or unconsciously) support removing the best governor California has had in a long time (“Newsom should get ready to fight a recall,” Dec. 31).

The paper gave more coverage and a big color photo to this shady campaign, plus gratuitous advice for how Newsom might protect himself, rather than investigating who is funding and organizing the demonstrations.

Will the paper reveal the real motives and movers behind this recall? Are they rich anti-democracy spenders trying to deprive Californians of a governor more successful, more compassionate and more helpful to a greater number and fuller spectrum of Californians than those before him?

Have you forgotten Newsom’s noontime broadcasts in the thick of the pandemic? His honest updates and sincere encouragement, his recognition of the vast team protecting us? Have you forgotten him, his voice growing raspy, insisting we can get through this together?

Why isn’t our biggest local paper supporting someone who’s actually working hard to govern our wonderful, impossible state?

Let’s acknowledge our governor made an error and is imperfect without cutting off our head to spite our feet. Entering the unknowns of 2021, California is lucky to have Newsom.



A chance to help

EDITOR: Again, Congress has voted stimulus checks for all Americans below a specified income level and, again, people are deciding what to do with them. If your question is whether you should pay the rent or buy food, this letter isn’t written to you.

But if you, like me, have suffered little or no financial hardship due to the pandemic, if you are wondering what luxury you should purchase, or how you should invest your check, may I make a suggestion?

A gift card to a neighbor who is out of work would be much appreciated. Your church may have a benevolent fund for those in need. The Redwood Empire Food Bank is feeding more hungry people than ever before. The Redwood Gospel Mission is housing and feeding desperate people, as is Catholic Charities. The list goes on and on.

If you really need that money, use it, and use it well. If not, please choose to pay it forward.


Santa Rosa

Lax security

EDITOR: I was impressed how the insurrectionists at the U.S. Capitol were gently shooed away from the building without urgency — with kid gloves, if that. They wandered off on their own unless they stuck around. Amazing.

Lucky for them, these entitled seditionists were white and in America. What would Vladimir Putin do in a coup against him? If it was Xi Jinping, these agitators would have been imprisoned immediately. Kim Jong Un — I don’t want to know. And how come such a lackadaisical mob could just wander on up into the Capitol and break in during the certification of a presidential election? How is that possible in the U.S.?



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