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Press Democrat readers comment on California’s COVID vaccine lottery, the Republican Party, and more.|

Ludicrous lottery

EDITOR: You’ve got to be kidding, our governor wants to “reward” individuals for doing something every responsible person should have done on their own — get vaccinated (or not; it’s their choice)? To throw out several million dollars to a few “lucky winners” is ludicrous. Why not distribute those millions of dollars to the people who really deserve it — the doctors, nurses, health care workers, emergency responders, volunteers, etc., who put their lives on the line daily for the past 15 months in efforts to combat this pandemic? No, just a dog and pony show in the face of the recall. He probably even submitted a reimbursement for the dinner he had at the French Restaurant (unmasked). Wake up, people.



The real GOP

EDITOR: Gene Colombini obviously knows no Republicans (“Democracy at risk,” Letters, June 2). The Republican Party presents the only safeguard to keeping our democratic republic free. We embrace capitalism, freedom of expression, secure borders, faith and family. We reject socialism, censorship and critical race theory.

We are patriotic and pledge allegiance to our flag and country. We don’t support RINO Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump on false charges. We believe in election integrity that includes requiring an ID to vote — 36 states have such a law.

We support peaceful protests, not last summer’s violent riots like those in Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Minneapolis and other large Democrat-run cities. More than $2 billion in damage resulted.

Joe Biden relaxed the sanctions against the Russian Nordstream pipeline into Europe. Trump made the U.S. a net annual petroleum exporter for the first time since at least 1949. Canada is now the largest single source of our total petroleum and crude oil imports. The Biden-Vladimir Putin relationship is one to watch.

Our GOP is grounded in the reality that the far left is destroying our country. When nuclear families are criticized, genders are fluid and police are defunded, we know our nation’s values and law and order are at risk.


Rohnert Park

People and warming

EDITOR: Even though global population is growing, we should celebrate that the rate of growth may be slowing in some areas of the world. Overpopulation is a major cause of global warming, which is caused by human activity. Thus more people equals more global warming. Having smaller families is the cheapest and easiest way to effect change. People can be involved by supporting organizations that promote the availability of family planning for everyone and organizations such as the Population Connection.


Santa Rosa

Say no to Elnoka

EDITOR: I would like to express my profound opposition to the Elnoka housing development at this time and at this location. I found the June 6 article quite informative and revealing about the personality behind this project (“Disputed housing development revived”). Bill Gallaher say he is “too ornery to give up.”

In other words, it is really about his ego, and nothing else matters. Just as his ego will cost our community upward of $900,000 for a recall of our district attorney, whose term of office ends shortly anyway.

Gallaher also says “they have met their match,” and I presume that he means the city government as well as those Oakmont folks who want to have a safe way to evacuate when fires are raging. I guess those seniors who were abandoned in Fountaingrove while the Tubbs fire ravaged their facility met their match as well.

This community needs to rethink developments on two-lane roads like the Highway 12 chokepoint at Melita Road, Montgomery Drive and Chanate Road. Our community does need housing, but we should utilize higher density in areas that have greater access and egress to more appropriate roads and highways, and preserve the urban separation.


Santa Rosa

Sound off on climate

EDITOR: Scientists announced that “carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached its highest levels since accurate measurements began 63 years ago” (“Carbon dioxide in atmosphere breaks record,” June 8). Clearly we’re in big trouble.

Climate-Safe California, a program of the Climate Center, has mapped out a plan to get this state to net negative emissions by 2030, a timespan scientists tell us is required if we are going to avert even worse disasters than we are experiencing right now. But as California dries up and burns, our state legislators do very little, thanks to the influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Those who work in Sacramento tell us that legislators pay close attention to resolutions from local governmental boards and commissions. Yet our county has been remarkably quiet on this subject. Only Petaluma, Windsor, Sebastopol and the Regional Climate Protection Agency have endorsed the Climate-Safe California program and sent resolutions to the Capitol.

We need our leaders to step up. If you live in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, Cotati, Sonoma or Cloverdale, call or write your council asking them to endorse the plan. Tell your county supervisor as well. The legislators need to hear from them. Right now the silence is deafening.


Santa Rosa

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