Stories from CW Nevius

Those barnstorming Oakland A’s are the perfect tonic for the dog days of August.
The league is currently wrestling with two points of contention — protests during the national anthem and a new rule on helmet-to-helmet collisions.
It isn’t just the wins that make Oakland the best thing going in Bay Area baseball. It’s how they’re winning, like the double digit come-from-behind miracle in Texas.
The World Cup was the biggest party on earth and we didn't have an invitation.
Time willl tell if Golden State's big free-agent signing proves to be an odd fit or another coup for the league champions.
Baseball’s All-Star break looms, which can only mean one thing. It is time for the annual hand-wringing about the grand old game.
Hunter Strickland appears so unable to control his emotions that he undermines his role, his teammates and possibly his career.
Columnist’s years of covering the U.S. Open on Father’s Day weekend created an unbreakable association between the pro sporting event and Dad’s late-in-life rediscovery of the game.
I keep thinking back to the end of the season, when some cracks appeared in the smoothest facade in sports.
It was a thunderbolt of good fortune to have this charming, gifted savant at the center of everything the Warriors do.