Stories from CW Nevius

Rather than defying the mystery of time and space, the pair of over-40 quarterbacks are more reflective of where professional football is now.
Should the Heisman Trophy winner play NFL football or stick with his first-round selection by the A’s?
For a sport trying to promote itself as anything can happen, repeating the same script over and over is not helpful.
With some hope for the future, it is still safe to say that the 49ers and Raiders let their supporters down this year.
The real Raiders franchise, the powerhouse that made Oakland proud and the rest of the NFL nervous, hasn’t been the same since the 1990s.
The Warriors have changed the NBA. They are the team to see; the team to be. And, I’d submit, they had the toughest transition to pull off.
Recently, people have publicly said that top NBA stars do not want to play James' wingman in Los Angeles.
After Reuben Foster fiasco, GM John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan under scrutiny.
If this is as bad as it gets, the season survives.
We have the yin and the yang of quarterbacks here — the Raiders' Derek Carr and the 49ers' Nick Mullens. Which would you pick?