Stories from Gaye Lebaron

A look at Sonoma County's long history of controversial public art.
Santa Rosa abounds with Christmas stories, such as the one about Addie Whitesell delivering Avon products on her bike and Santa suit.
Some legends are based on fact while others are not, but all of them are sure to be entertaining.
“Bitter but sweet.” Those were the words an Eldridge neighbor used to describe the recent “hail and farewell” party for the Sonoma Developmental Center.
When Sears first opened in Santa Rosa in 1948, it was the largest and most modern retail store between San Francisco and Portland.
Memories of the late Helen Rudee paint the trailblazer’s personality.
Looking to the community’s past provides perspective on the crisis now unfolding on the county’s streets.
Let’s have a little more of what life was like here from the 1960s to next month, LeBaron writes.
The neighborhood known as Coffey Park in Santa Rosa is a blend of subdivisions but who calls it that depends on lots of factors.
The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Heritage Mapping Project wants historical, anthropological, statistical and anecdotal information about the city.