Stories from Phil Barber

Raiders coach Jon Gruden has always been blunt with his quarterbacks, and it’s a new and alienating experience for Derek Carr.
We crave sports now not because they’re exalted, but because they’re ordinary.
It's the lanky superstar who will determine the resolution of this Warriors rift.
Kyle Shanahan wouldn’t commit to the first-year QB after the bye, but his choice is clear.
Batttered and without weapons, the Raiders QB waved a white flag vs. the Chargers.
Draymond Green's foot picked a heck of a week to turn up bruised and swollen.
The Giants pulled off a coup in hiring their new president. They shouldn’t tie his hands.
Who will wind up with more losses this season — the Raiders, 49ers or Warriors?
Have you noticed that the Warriors look good this year? Like, really good?
An analysis of the data makes it clear: neither Raiders nor 49ers can win Thursday.