Stories from Phil Barber

No one has won more often, more consistently or more improbably. Not even Bill Walsh.
The Santa Rosa native is running the Baltimore Orioles, who lost 115 games in 2018.
Welcome to the new NBA. But is all this scoring good for the game?
Dennis Allen proves that play-callers aren’t always good head coaches. Vic Fangio? Kyle Shanahan?
The kid may have legit reasons to choose MLB over the NFL. Money isn’t one of them.
After a year of record-breaking revenue, MLB is shorting its free agents again.
As DeMarcus Cousins prepares for his Golden State debut, Patrick McCaw signs with the Raptors.
All eyes are on the Warriors’ wounded center, who may return to the court on Jan. 18.
Clemson freshman Lawrence started shaky but dominated Alabama down the stretch.
The 49ers’ current play caller has a history of struggling against the defensive tactician.