Stories from Phil Barber

The coach spoke of playing with house money at Media Day. Green wasn’t having it.
After the finality of his mother's death, the right fielder has been able to focus on baseball.
Jon Gruden wants to move on from the Mack trade, but the near future isn't very exciting.
The win showed how far Shanahan’s team has come, and has far it still must go.
You have probably either never seen a Spice Adams video or have seen dozens of them. He has more than 77,000 followers on YouTube and is kind of his own subculture.
The veteran cornerback exceeded all expectations — except his — against the Vikings in Week 1.
It isn’t the on-field opponent the Raiders are cheating. It’s the fans of Oakland. The past couple of years have been an exercise in fleecing the locals, and Monday night was the latest offense.
Reading the future of Mack and Garoppolo, Belichick and Hue Jax, and so much more.
Oakland's flaws emerged, even as the A's proved they can hang with the AL's best.
The apparel company acted because it realized the quarterback was good for its bottom line.