EDITOR: Operating Engineers Local No. 3 has evaluated the candidates for 1st District supervisor and endorsed Mark Bramfitt.

He is intelligent and well spoken with a firm grasp of the issues facing the district and Sonoma County. As an engineer, he understands the challenges facing the county's aging transportation and water infrastructure and the link between world-class infrastructure and the ability for Sonoma County to attract jobs. He is a thoughtful debater and has the skills to articulate solutions to the problems facing Sonoma County. He stands out as the candidate to help bridge the gap between interest groups, bringing the community together to tackle our decaying roads, water systems and any other issues that come before the board.

Engineers are trained problem solvers, and Bramfitt has a refreshing can-do attitude common to the profession.

One only has to look to the divisive Santa Rosa City Council to see how Sonoma County needs an alternative to the perceived leading candidates in the race. Bramfitt would move beyond partisanship and do right by the 1st District and Sonoma County. A vote for Bramfitt is a vote for smart government that works for everyone.


District representative, Operating Engineers,

Local No. 3