Rebekah Martinez, a contestant on ABC’s hit reality show "The Bachelor," is recognized for her 14-year age difference to star Arie Luyendyk Jr., and her spunky "don’t mess with me" attitude. But she's recently been recognized for a lot more than that. The 22-year-old Fresno woman was reported missing by her mother in early November saying that she had gone to Humboldt County to work on a marijuana farm. Turns out she wasn’t missing at all, just out looking for love.

North Coast Journal had published an article called, “The Humboldt 35: Why does Humboldt County have the highest rate of missing reports in the state?” The article was also shared on Facebook in hopes of some intel on said missing people. Among those 35 photos was Martinez.

According to SFGate, Amy Bonner O’Brien of Trinidad was the first to respond to the Facebook post, "I was just scrolling through the 35 missing people and I recognized some of them from news stories. When I got to her, I was like wait a minute, she looks so familiar and I instantly thought of 'The Bachelor.’"

When Humboldt County sheriff’s officials heard the news, they contacted Martinez over the phone and indeed confirmed that she was not missing. She was removed from the list.

In case you needed more proof that your favorite "Bachelor" contestant is still very much in action, scroll through the gallery above to see her most recent Twitter and Instagram posts regarding the incident.