The Netflix smash "13 Reasons Why" may not have a release date or even a confirmation for a third season, but it has a filming location should the third season get the green light.

Analy High School in Sebastopol is ready and willing to reprise its role in the show as Liberty High School for a third time.

The West Sonoma County Union High School District board OK'd a third licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures on April 11. The agreement allows the studio to continue filming scenes at the school for a total of 30 days at the campus, not including overtime for district staff and maintenance personnel, or costs of improvements.

The agreement calls for a fee of $11,025 per month, for sixth months of filming.

The school district stands to receive approximately $66,125 from the agreement. Last year the district received $124,000 for filming costs. The funds went towards saving video production classes threatened by looming budget cuts.

The teen drama series hasn’t been without controversy. Critics of the show voiced their displeasure with the show's depiction of teen suicide, self-harm and sexual assault. Netflix even went so far as to include a warning video to the series, which features several of the show’s stars listing the ways troubled viewers can access help.

"The overall production has been a positive response for us. About 265 students volunteered to be extras in a football game, and the show donated $10,000 to Analy," said the high school district's facilities manager, Jennie Bruneman.

The production looked at some 60 schools across the country before deciding upon Analy.

"The producers liked that Analy was set close to the inside of town, and the small-town feel of Sebastopol," Bruneman said.

Netflix has yet to announce when season 2 of the show will be made available for streaming.