Supermarket Spy: Snackable seaweed

Bangkok Bar Mix is an easy way to add seaweed to your diet. (Heather Irwin / the Press Democrat)


Bangkok Bar Mix, The Great and Wonderful Sea Change Trading Company, $8.99, Community Market.

Seaweed is about to have its moment. The salad of the sea isn’t just the stuff that gets wrapped around sushi rolls. There are more than 400 types of edible seaweed, from wakame and kombu to nori, dulce and arame.

Nearly all of them are loaded with Vitamin C, protein and minerals like iodine (which most of us don’t get enough of), calcium and iron, and many are found right on the Northern California coast.

Sea of Change Trading, based in Windsor, is harnessing the power of seaweed by creating dried seafood snacks like Sea Bakin’ and Seaweed Nut Mix that pack a nutritional punch missing in processed snacks.

They also have the added bonus of being gluten-free, vegan and sustainable.

The company harvests much of its wild sea vegetables from nearby coasts, as well as sourcing from seaweed farms.

Best for newcomers to this briny superfood: Bangkok Bar Mix, with a mix of peanuts, cashews, coconut, Thai spices and twists of seaweed.

If you’re not a seafood fan, this might not be your jam, but mixed in with other spicy goodies its a baby step to becoming a full-fledged chomper of more challenging seaweed, such as the bright green wakame served at many sushi bars.

Coming soon: The Seaweed Chocolate Bar. The company recently raised more than $14,000 to create and market sea-veggie infused chocolate bars, which it has been sampling at the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market.