Coffee and BBQ to die for

A cortado at ACRE coffee in Santa Rosa. Photo: Jenna Fischer for the Press Democrat.


Ten Best Local Coffee Drinks: Somewhere between artisanal coffee pour-overs with a side of smirk (no cream, no sugar, you cretin) and a cotton candy Frappuccino are espresso-based coffee drinks. Punched up with milk, a few spices, cocoa powder or (mostly) natural syrups, they’re cool weather sippers to warm your heart and hands.

After a highly-unscientific poll of friends, family and social media, here’s a list of favorites that pass the BiteClub taste test (in no particular order).

The Bangkok: Sweetened-condensed milk meets lushly-roasted coffee for a taste that’s both exotic and familiar. Flying Goat, 324 Center St., Healdsburg; 10 Fourth St., Santa Rosa,

The Valentino: Gelato, espresso and coconut syrup blended with whipped cream. A’roma Roasters, 95 Fifth St., Santa Rosa,

Pumpkin Latte: Fall in a cup with organic, house made pumpkin syrup. Taylor Maid Farms, 6790 McKinley St., #170, Sebastopol,

The Kicker: Espresso and Irish cream served up with a side of youthful enthusiasm and short shorts. Dutch Bros. Coffee, 1300 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa,

White Lavender Mocha: A white chocolate mocha with just a hint of floral lavender, inside the recently-opened cafe and roastery. Bella Rosa Coffee Company, 5491 Skylane Blvd. #116, Santa Rosa, bellarosacoffeecompany.

Aztec Mocha: Dark chocolate, three types of chiles and rosewater make this mocha a standout. Plus, the lovable agro-chic interior. Plank Coffee, 227 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale,

Mint to Be: Vietnamese Iced Coffee (aka rocket fuel) meets muddled mint and homemade organic condensed milk. You’ll want two, but drink with caution if you plan to sleep in the next two days. PhinBar, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Sundays at West End Farmer’s Market, 817 Donahue St., Santa Rosa,

Just a Latte: Two faves for this simple drink of espresso and milk with no frills. Rosso Rosticerria makes it proper, and if you get there early enough, you can sip it with the world’s greatest bacon scone. 129 N. Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa, rossopizzeria. Brew Coffee and Beer carefully curates seasonal espresso that makes the whole thing extra special. 555 Healdsburg Ave., Santa Rosa,

Cortado: Served in a 4-ounce tumbler (a little bigger than a shot glass), this little caffeine shooter is an espresso with a bit of steamed milk and foam. ACRE Coffee, 21 Fourth St., Petaluma; 2365 Midway Drive, Santa Rosa,

BBQ You’ll Queue For: Look for more about the exploding barbecue scene in Sonoma County, but there’s one spot that’s already got lines out the door for its St. Louis style ribs, brisket, smoked chicken, cornbread and pulled pork.

Kin Smoke opened on the Healdsburg Square less than a month ago inside the former Center Street Cafe, magically transformed into a Texas roadhouse, complete with a roll of paper towels on the table and a secret sauce that’s so secret even co-owner Brad Barmore had to beg for it. From his father-in-law.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s the second Sonoma Country restaurant for business partners Barmore and JC Adams, who opened Windsor’s Kin restaurant in 2011.

Here’s why you need to go try it, at 304 Center St., Healdsburg,

They actually ask if you want fatty or lean brisket (the combo is best).

They aren’t afraid to run out, which is the key cause brisket doesn’t hold.

They have five sauces, from Alabama white to Carolina vinegar.

Sides aren’t an afterthought.

Their catchphrase is Welcome to Swine Country.

But wait, there’s more. Cocoon Volant BBQ Smoke House is opening this week in Sonoma, doing Texas style barbecue, smoked over almond wood and sliced to order by the pound.

Chef-owner Rob Larman has been cooking up mobile barbecue for the past seven years, so it looks like he’s already got his stripes. More on this when it opens. 18350 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma. Also coming soon in Sonoma, owner Max Young and Ari Weisswasser (Glen Ellen Star) will unveil a new BBQ menu in mid-November at Rossi’s 1906, 1401 Grove St., Sonoma,

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