Gratitude: See our special coverage of heartwarming stories following the Sonoma County fires here.

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Since the fires, life has drastically changed for much of Sonoma County. Our feelings about safety and security have changed, our landscape has changed and many of our priorities have changed. Because of the fires, some of us are sleeping in different homes, some have experienced job loss or a change of employment, and some have been forced to say goodbye to people, pets or cherished belongings.

But through the heartache and loss, there have also been so many wonderful things that have occurred. From the moment the fires struck, stories of bravery, selflessness and care have emerged, shining a light on the goodness that exists in our community.

From tireless volunteers to a renewed sense of community, take a look through the gallery above for some moments of humanity that make us proud to call Sonoma County our home.

For more stories of bravery and generosity during the Sonoma County fires, click here.

Ride with a View

What: Trail Rides with The Ranch at Lake Sonoma

Where: 100 Marina Rd, Geyserville