You’re hiking or skiing in early morning light through a wilderness area, when suddenly you spy an Osprey lifting from a lake with a fish in its beak, or a bushy-tailed fox breaking cover to dash across a field, or a human figure poised high atop a needle peak with arms raised in exultation.

Great shot, you think. But by the time you shrug off your pack and find your camera with its powerful zoom, the fish has been eaten, the fox has vanished and the peak climber is stretched out for a well-earned rest.

You don’t have to miss those great shots if your camera is always at hand on the trail, and Cotton Camera Systems has developed a safe and ergonomic way to do just that.

The company’s new G3 StrapShot Holster is a slim and compact camera carrying system that fastens securely to the straps on a backpack (and other items, including courier bags and waist belts).

Your camera stays safe in the StrapShot’s patented twist-and-lock mount, and it doesn’t annoyingly swing around or move — but it’s always available for instant use via the StrapShot’s quick release safety tether.

The G3 StrapShot Holster comes in Grey and Camo. The product costs $79.

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In Sonoma County, Cotton Carrier products can be found at Shutterbug Camera Shop in Santa Rosa.

View a video of the G3 StrapShot in action at: