The reliable and inexpensive S2 Solar Lantern is a perfect lighting solution for camping, backyard BBQs and power-out emergencies.

Measuring only 4 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 6 inches deep, and weighing a bit more than 5 ounces, it’s three times brighter than a kerosene lantern and powerful enough to light up a midsize room.

The light rotates, so you can aim it in an optimal way. An adjustable handle and stand allow you to hang it in your tent, on a doorknob or tree, or set it down indoors and out on a flat surface.

It’s also small enough to carry around in your pocket.

Integrated and lightweight solar panels keep it charged up on sunny days, and the USB charging option (cable included) permit charging at night or on cloudy or rainy days.

A charge lasts for four hours, although many users cite running their lantern for eight to 10 hours.

Originally designed by d.light as an affordable solar-powered solution for people in the developing world, the S2 is constructed for rugged treatment and is capable of handing severe weather, dust and even hard knocks. $12.99.