Does coffee get you going in the morning? If so, plan ahead for summer overnights in the Great Outdoors. Two previous GearHead columns reviewed extremely lightweight and portable coffee creators suitable for backpacking (MiniPresso and MSR MugMate). Now let’s take a look at three bigger and heavier outdoor coffee makers that are perfect for car camping.

The Coleman Camping Coffeemaker resembles the kind of automatic drip coffee machine you might have at home—but there’s a big difference: the steel base contains no electronics and is designed to fit over the burner on most camp stoves. Otherwise, it’s pretty familiar. You pour water for up to 10 cups into the reservoir, insert a paper filter into the swing-out basket, fill the filter with the required amount of grounds, and fire up the stove. When the water starts to boil it begins to drip through the filter and into the glass decanter. The Camping Coffeemaker even has a Pause ’n Serve feature. $59.99