Bears and mountain lion sightings have both thrilled and alarmed Sonoma County residents in recent weeks.

What should you do if you see one? Here are some tips from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and National Park Service:

- Do not approach them. Avoid black bears and mountain lions and give them the space to avoid you.

- If you surprise a black bear, back away without making eye contact, don’t run. If a bear notices you, talk calmly and stand your ground while waving your arms.

- Keep dogs leashed.

- If you see a mountain lion, do not run, crouch or turn your back. If necessary, make noise, try to look bigger by waving your arms or opening your jacket.

- Prevention is key, but if attacked, fight back.

Who to call: Call 911 if there is an active threat. Wildlife sightings can be reported to the Department of Fish and Wildlife by phone at 707-528-2002 or online at