There are so many reasons to cart along a freestanding portable shower for camping or other outdoor activities. The right device allows you to easily wash your body and hair, rinse off gear and dishes, clean dust and dirt from your dog and sand from your kids, get the mud off your mountain bike, and lots more.

The two highly-rated showers below are particularly convenient because they don’t need to be hung, requiring you to find the perfect branch.

Rinsekit Plus is a pressurized shower/cleanup system. It holds up to 2 gallons of hot or cold water, delivering it as a pressurized spray for up to 6 minutes without pumping or batteries.

The Rinsekit fills quickly; you then attach the spray nozzle to the included hose, select one of 7 spray settings, and that’s it.

The Rinsekit comes with a hose nozzle, a 6-foot hose, a hose bib adapter, a hot water sink adapter, and an on/off valve. Easy-to-use directions are printed on the top of the inside tray, so they’re always with you. $99.95.

The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower has a 2.9-gallon capacity, providing 5-7 minutes of pressure — you can use the included, hands-free foot pump to regulate pressure to your liking.

The Helio has a foldup design; when not in use it packs down to 5.5 x 8.5 inches into its own zippered/ventilated carrying case.

Can be easily refilled without a hose. Comes with a 7-foot neoprene hose, spray nozzle, and an integrated foot pump. $99.95.

And if you prefer to shower outdoors discreetly, Nemo’s Heliopolis Privacy Shelter – with a steel frame, 75-denier polyester body, hooks for hanging the shower hose, and a drainage system – may be just what you’re looking for. $149.95.

Both Rinsekit and Nemo are carried by REI.

Humor tips for health

Paul Osincup, president-elect of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, suggests that everyone should incorporate more humor into their lives. He suggests taking a break from the news and creating a five-minute funny every day. Here are a few ideas:

Make a list: At the end of the day, write down three funny things that happened to you. Research says it can increase happiness for up to six months

Video playlist: Create a play list of funny videos for yourself with weblinks that you an watch at the end of the day.

Podcast passion: Listen to funny podcasts to try to boost your mood on your way to work or on weekends.

Spread the laughter: Think about funny anecdotes and stories that have happened to you, tell them to people and see which ones make people laugh.

Go out and laugh: Check out a comedy club or a funny movie that you haven’t seen yet.

New stuff: Try to do something fun or novel. If you’re having friends over, think about playing a game. Something funny will happen when you’re in a new situation, and you are 30 times more likely to laugh in groups than by yourself

Laughter Yoga: This type of yoga incorporates intentional laughter. You body does not differentiate between forced laughter and the real thing, and laughter can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and increase pain tolerance. It also takes your mind of your problems.


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