When serious cyclists apply the art of design to a humble bicycle bell, they end up with the Spurcycle Bell.

A lean and elegant work of art that does its job extremely well, the Spurcycle is made of high-quality stainless steel and premium brass, and sports a retro dome shape. Its pleasing, no-nonsense ring can be heard long before you arrive (from 100 feet away, to be exact), giving pedestrians plenty of time to move aside so you can peddle briskly by. And the melodic echo, which lasts three times longer than other bicycle bells, lingers after you’re gone.

The Spurcycle is made in the USA, fits all handlebars (standard/oversize, aluminum/carbon), comes in either hand-brushed steel or a matte black, diamond-like carbon coating, weighs 45 grams, and has a lifetime guarantee. Installation requires a simple 2.5mm hex tool. $49.www.spurcycle.com

In Sonoma County, Spurcycle products are carried by Bruce Gordon Cycles (Petaluma), Mike’s Bikes of Petaluma, and Echelon Cycle and Multisport (Santa Rosa).